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Planewave 17" CDK Telescope with Fused Silica Mirror

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Planewave 17" CDK Telescope with Fused Silica Mirror

Planewave's 17" CDK is a splendidly well made 17", f/6.8 Corrected Dal Kirkham scope. Crafted with a durable and tough dual carbon fiber truss design, it's a durable piece of machinery, and very clearly a well made one at that. With a trio of cooling fans expelling air out the back, and a quartet of such fans blowing across the boundary layer of the Silica glass mirror, it's also very well temperature controlled- this combined with the stellar resistance of Silica glass to thermal effects, ensures a strong level of ability to withstand temperature shift without worrying so much about temperature compensation. The full field of view available to this splendid scope is 70mm- and it's utterly without any Astigmatism, field curvature, or off-axis coma.

Indeed- the CDK design is an innovative solution for attaining unparalleled astro-imaging quality at a highly affordable price and is most certainly worth every cent. The CDK format provides excellent imaging with all kinds of large format CCD Camera's, but at the same time it doesn't compromise on visual use quality to do so, but rather makes certain to excel in both fields. This design also far exceeds the off-axis performance of most commercial telescope designs, including the popular Ritchey-Chretien design.

Perhaps the most unique trait of this uncompromisingly designed scope is that despite its high quality and power, its design also makes optical alignment very forgiving, and collimation easy and simple. This goes a long way towards ensuring that you'll get the most out of the scope in terms of performance; allowing you to have a far easier time of producing stunning views and images as you see fit using this marvelous piece of equipment. The scope produces an image plane with no off-axis coma, no off-axis astigmatism, and a perfectly flat field; the CDK design ensures pinpoint stars from the center to the very corner of the field of view!

What is more, this model has its mirror composed of Fused Silica glass; a synthetic glass compound of exceptional quality. Fused Silica is an artificial compound that is of truly exceptional purity- a trait that grants it superior optical and thermal properties. Its transmission and homogeneity exceed those of crystalline quartz as well- but without the inherent temperature instability of a crystalline form. Indeed- Fused Silica has a coefficient of thermal expansion a full six times lower than that of it's more commonly used competitor, Borosilicate glass. This means that as it cools back down, it maintains its shape with a high degree of accuracy- this translates into consistent optical performance across a wide range of temperature changes.

Manufacturer Product Number: 170101Q