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Pegasus Astro Motor Focus Kit v.2 for Celestron SCT C6, 8, 9.25, Edge, RASA 8


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  • Get quick and perfect focus with this and the Dual Motor Focus Controller (sold separately)
  • Fits various popular Celestron telescopes
  • Extremely low backlash and high torque for focusing at the micron level
  • Fits on Celestron SCT C6, 8, 9.25, Edge 8, 9.25, RASA 8

Product Details

  • Focus your Celestron telescope quickly and accurately using the Pegasus Astro Motor Focus Kit v.2 and the Dual Motor Focus Controller (sold separately). This high resolution geared box has a 0.06-degree step size and can easily lift more than 6 kg (per cm). Its high torque is suitable for lifting heavy imaging equipment. Moreover, motor’s gearbox has a low backlash which can easily be tuned using backlash compensation in imaging software. The RJ45 socket can be converted to compatible Robofocus Pinout.

    The extremely sturdy aluminum bracket can be attached to all Celestron SCT telescopes and Pegasus Astro has successfully installed it on:

    • Celestron SCT C6
    • Celestron SCT C8
    • Celestron SCT C9.25
    • Celestron Edge 8
    • Celestron Edge 9.25
    • Celestron Rasa 8 
  • specifications

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  • included items

    • High-Resolution Stepper Geared Motor Enclosure (Step Angle 7.5, Deg 120, Gear Ration 1:120)
    • Blue aluminum, anodized bracket for Celestron SCT telescopes
    • 20cm 2GT timing belt
    • 13mm pulley 2GT
    • Different sizes of bolts and spacers

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