PolyDome 10 X 10 Explora-Dome Roof Panels - Set of 4

Brand: Explora-Dome


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Product Details

  • 10 X 10 Explora-Dome Roof Panels - Set of 4

    With the Explora-Dome the do-it-yourself observatory dream comes true! The cost is low enough that an observatory is now within reach of many who thought they could never own one. The hard part is completed and you can add just the finishing touches you want. Polydome allows the individual astronomer to choose the features they want, rather than limit them to a particular design. This allows you to be as budget conscious or as extravagant as you desire. Accessories such as Roof Transition Skirts allow mounting the Explora-Dome on a variety of building shapes. PolyDome Product Number: RF-1010 Shipping expenses are estimates only. Please call for a more accurate figure.
  • specifications

    Known To FitDome 10' x 10' Square

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