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PolyDome Explora-Dome Observatory - 8' Dome on 10' 6" Round Building


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  • This is a custom order product. No refunds are available after purchase. No cancellations.
  • Freight cost will be calculated at time of shipment.
  • A forklift will be needed for off-loading at the customer’s expense.

Product Details

  • PolyDome is offering a whole new breed of observatory dome. . . the Explora-Dome! Unlike our competitors in the market today, the Explora-Dome is a truly affordable, virtually indestructible, maintenance free observatory dome. Now you can afford to sit inside a true observatory sheltered from the winds and annoying neighbor's porch lights. No more need to haul your equipment out, set it up, and then when you are finished, break it down and haul it back inside. 

    The Explora-Dome is rotomolded as a one piece unit. It is manufactured of very strong, UV stabilized polyethylene plastic. The observatory features a two door shutter system: the lower shutter door flips outwards, while the upper door glides open and closed. The Explora-Dome has been designed to allow the owner to add modifications and enhancements of their own choosing. Buyers of the dome can choose their own means of rotation and design a building that suits their needs. The difficult task of creating the dome has been done for you. All the Explora-Dome surfaces and doors have a minumum 1/4" thickness and yet it weighs in at a mere 180 pounds. Polyethylene is extremely durable; it has a higher impact resistance than fiberglass, aluminum and even steel (no more hailstorm worries). It's coefficient of friction is lower than nylon and comparable to Teflon; making it slippery enough for easy cleanup and snow will slide right off the dome. Polyethylene is 100% recyclable so it is environmentally friendly. Best of all, you aren't sacrificing quality for price. Fiberglass takes hours and hours of laying up the resins and glass. That is why they cost so much. Explora-Dome is molded and easily duplicated reducing the cost to an affordable level. The Explora-Dome has lockable door access. Mounting the Explora-Dome on a track will allow greater ease of rotation. With the Explora-Dome the do-it-yourself observatory dream comes true! The cost is low enough that an observatory is now within reach of many who thought they could never own one. The hard part is completed and you can add just the finishing touches you want. Polydome allows the individual astronomer to choose the features they want, rather than limit them to a particular design. This allows you to be as budget conscious or as extravagant as you desire. Accessories such as Roof Transition Skirts allow mounting the Explora-Dome on a variety of building shapes. PolyDome Product Number: RBBLD1060 Shipping costs are estimates only. Please call for a more accurate figure.
  • specifications

    Construction MaterialPolyethylene
    Dome Shutter DesignSlide/Flip Combo
    Dome Wall Thickness (")Minimum 1/4"
    Exterior ColorWhite
    Max Interior Height6'
    Observatory ShapeRound
    Roof TypeHemispherical Dome
    Shutter Operation MethodManual with Electronic Optional
    Warranty1 Year Warranty
  • included items

    • This is a custom order product. No refunds are available after purchase. No cancellations.
    • Freight cost will be calculated at time of shipment.
    • A forklift will be needed for off-loading at the customer’s expense.

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    Michael H.
    Great product !!

    Product arrived sooner than expected. Kit was well packed. All parts arrived in good shape.PolyDome's attention to detail and precision is evident in how quickly and trouble free construction phase went. My only critique is making sure the documentation is up to date for items like how to install the brush seal Dome operation has been very reliable and smooth. All in all.. Well done to the folks at PolyDome !!

    Anthony T.
    Observing Bliss

    I finished construction of my Explora-Dome about seven months ago. This is probably the best astronomy based purchase I have made in a very long time. The purchase and shipping process thru OPT went very smooth and trouble free. It only took six weeks for my building and dome to arrive. The Explora-Dome construction was actually a pleasant experience mainly due to the well thought out design of the structure. Even with that being the case I had a few clarification questions during the construction process and PolyDome responded very quickly to my emails and phone call. Working at a leisurely pace, I was totally completed with construction in seven days. Of course construction times will vary with each individual so I will state I am an avid DIYer to help you gauge my comment. If you have experience putting together a metal storage shed this will be a similar experience. The finished product is superb. The dome rotates smoothly and with less effort than one might think. I was going to automate the dome but since it operates so well manually I have changed my mind. I find that I am observing quite a bit more frequently now that I don't need to set up and tear down the scope each session. I walk in, turn on the scope, open the shutter, rotate the dome, and enjoy the views. When I am done viewing I turn off the scope, close the shutter, and lock up the building when I leave. The Explora-Dome does a great job of providing an idea observing environment. The ten foot-six inch round building has plenty of room to install small to moderate sized furniture for your observing gear and books. I have a pier-mounted 8 inch Newtonian on a GEM centered within the structure so there are no tripod legs for me to contend with. You will need to plan your furniture layout accordingly if you plan to use a tripod or a large scope (12+ inch OTAs. The Explora-Dome slot has a pretty good viewing width in that it takes about an hour before I need to nudge the dome to keep the viewed object in the eyepiece as the scope tracks it. I decided on a dome structure to prevent the neighborhood lights from interfering with my viewing. I realized later that the dome does well at keeping me protected from the winds that can cut right through you on those cold winter night sessions. There is also the nice benefit of not having unwelcome critters invade your viewing area. As with most, I did a lot of research prior to making a decision on an observatory. If I had to do it all over again I would still choose the Explora-Dome ten foot-six inch round observatory. For me the price was reasonable, the operations and maintenance has been trouble free, and my observing experience has improved significantly. Anthony