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Orion Telescope Eyepiece and Filter Kit - 2"

SKU : OR-08906

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  • The 2" Telescope Accessory Kit provides an affordable introduction to lower-power, wide-field stargazing- perfect for exploring deep sky objects!

Product Details

  • The 2" Telescope Accessory Kit was developed by Orion in order to give you the experience of increasing the true field of view of your telescope while keeping the magnifications of your observations low. You may be wondering- why would I want low magnification if I'm looking at things so far away in the night sky? The less powerful 2" eyepieces and accessories make finding objects easier while letting you explore a larger "window" through your telescope. You'll be able to spot faint and expansive deep-sky objects such as nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters with ease. Remember: 2" eyepieces and accessories require a telescope focuser with a 2" holder that will accept 2" eyepieces. These usually come standard on 8" or larger diameter telescopes.

    42mm DeepView Eyepiece

    Use this eyepiece to obtain bright, low-power views through your telescope. The 42mm DeepView provides a wide 52 degree apparent field-of-view, along with a large 38mm diameter field stop in order to explore wide sections of night sky. DeepView eyepieces have a comfortable 20mm of eye relief, which is an optimal distance between your eye and the lens so you can obtain a clear image of the entire field-of-view without any vignetting. All DeepView eyepieces are also fully multi-coated 3-element optics with blackened lens edges for superior contrast. Weighs 12oz.

    35mm DeepView Eyepiece

    This eyepiece will give you a higher-power view of the night sky and provides a 56 degree apparent field of view, along with a 37mm diameter field stop. Weighs 12oz.

    28mm DeepView Eyepiece

    You can boast an even more powerful view with the 28mm 2" eyepiece. It has a 56 degree apparent field of view along with a 27mm diameter field stop. Like all DeepView eyepieces, the 28mm is threaded for use with 2" Orion filters. Weighs 10oz.

    2" Barlow Lens

    The included 2x Barlow Lens allows you to double the magnification of any of the included DeepView eyepieces. You will be able to achieve a total of 6 possible magnification options with the Orion 2" Telescope Accessory Kit. The resulting magnification of each eyepiece and Barlow/eyepiece combination will depend on the focal length of your telescope. The 2" Barlow also comes with a 1.25" step-down adapter so you will be able to use 1.25" eyepieces and double their magnifying power as well!

    2" SkyGlow Broadband Filter

    The SkyGlow Broadband Filter will help to combat light pollution and help you optimize your wide-field observations. This filter boosts contrast and improves observations of nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters by blocking out the most common wavelengths of urban light pollution.

    Carry Case

    No accessory kit is complete without somewhere to keep all of your gear! The sturdy carry case measures 17.5" x 13.5" x 6" and has a pluck-foam interior, allowing you to choose how you want to arrange your 2" eyepieces and accessories inside!

  • specifications

    Eye Relief20mm
    Eyepiece TypeFixed
    Field of View52 Degrees
    Focal Length42 mm
    Number of Elements3
  • included items

    • 42mm DeepView Telescope Eyepiece
    • 35mm DeepView Telescope Eyepiece
    • 28mm DeepView Telescope Eyepiece
    • 2x Barlow Lens - 2"
    • 2" SkyGlow Broadband Filter
    • Large Pluck-Foam Accessory Case

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