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  • Record, store, and view video footage on-the-go with this compact?ÿOrion StarShoot LCD-DVR.
  • See video astrophotography results without a computer!
  • This?ÿOrion StarShoot LCD-DVR?ÿis compatible with any video device featuring RCA video outputs.
  • A perfect companion for Orion StarShoot Video Eyepiece, StarShoot Deep Space Video Camera, and StarShoot AllSky Camera.
  • Lets you record video (MPEG), images (JPEG) and audio (WAV) wherever you go.



With the Orion StarShoot LCD-DVR, you can easily record, store, and view video footage on a handy device that fits in the palm of your hand. Its 2.5" TFT true-color high resolution LCD screen beautifully displays video footage so you can review your video astrophotography results while still in the field. What's more, this hand-held DVR can be used with any video camera or other device equipped with standard RCA composite video outputs.

The StarShoot LCD-DVR is an immensely useful tool for any video astronomer, allowing you to view and record footage from your telescope and attached video camera without a computer! Use the lightweight LCD-DVR along with any Orion StarShoot Video Camera, including our StarShoot Video Eyepiece, StarShoot Deep Space Video Camera, and StarShoot AllSky Camera to view and record footage with pushbutton ease. You can then playback your footage on the handheld device itself, or on a TV or computer using the included cables, if desired.

A 2G SD card is included, which is preloaded with helpful how-to training videos and stunning Orion video astrophotography images. The 2G SD card provides up to 90 minutes of recording space. The StarShoot LCD-DVR accepts SD cards up to 32G in size (not included) for optional additional storage potential.

In addition to its obvious potential for increasing video astrophotography efficiency, the Orion StarShoot LCD-DVR can also be used with any video camera or device featuring RCA video outputs. You can easily record video from DVD players and home DVR units and transfer them to MPEG AVI digital format for on-the-go viewing. It will even work with that dusty VCR to convert your favorite VHS tapes for portable viewing! With an SD card of sufficient size installed, you can load up the StarShoot LCD-DVR with your favorite programs or home video footage for convenient handheld viewing.

The versatile StarShoot LCD-DVR can record video in MPEG format, images in jpeg format, and audio in WAV format. You can then use the LCD-DVR to transfer recordings to a computer using the included USB cable, or by using a SD card reader, for post processing or sharing via the internet. Powered by a rechargeable 5V lithium battery, the StarShoot LCD-DVR can be used for up to 3 hours on a single charge. A charging adapter is included for easy recharging of the device.

A convenient remote control is included for cordless remote operation of the StarShoot LCD-DVR. A protective leather pouch, video cable, AC/DC power adapter and USB cable are also included. For easy hands-free use, you can attach the LCD-DVR to your video astrophotography setup with an included hook-and-loop sticker. The Orion StarShoot LCD-DVR is equipped with dual NTSC and PAL compatible inputs and outputs for versatile, international performance.

A perfect companion for video astronomers, the pleasantly portable StarShoot LCD-DVR lets you take your video footage of the night sky anywhere, and obviates the need for a computer to view video astrophotography results. Increase the 'wow' factor of your next video imaging session with the Orion StarShoot LCD-DVR!

Orion StarShoot LCD-DVR Specifications...
  • Video frame rate: 15/30 frames per second
  • USB Connection: High-speed 2.0 and 1.1
  • Maximum input resolution: 720 x 480
  • Video format: NTSC & PAL
  • Video In: Composite
  • Dimensions: 3.2" x 2"
  • Weight: 3 oz.
  • Warranty: One Year

Orion Product Number: 58125



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