Orion Starry Night Enthusiast 7 Astronomy Software - Discontinued

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Orion Starry Night Enthusiast 7 Astronomy Software - Discontinued

Orion Starry Night Enthusiast 7 Astronomy Software

Immerse yourself in wonders of the Universe with the all-new Starry Night Pro 7 software package! Highlights include a new layer with over 100 interactive, multimedia tours exposing the captivating science and history of stars, providing a more nuanced impression of the Universe. Simple, intuitive interface with Universal Search allows you to quickly jump into a new and improved set of features.

New features included with the all new Starry Night Enthusiast Version 7!


  • Augmented asteroid catalog with emphasized families and groups.
  • Updated Equipment List includes the most current telescopes, eyepieces, and accessories.
  • Analemma can now be drawn on a planet's surface.
  • Exclusive Extra-galactic 3D Database features 200,000+ galaxies stretching over 1 billion lights years of space.
  • New Photorealistic Horizon Panoramas give you the sensation that you are actually in outer space.
  • All currently established exoplanets appear as 3D bodies with proper location, size, orbit and planetary texture.
  • Beautiful modernized user interface with Universal Search, locates sky objects, favorite files, SkyGuide pages, options, events, and more.
  • Exceptionally detailed surface characteristics of planets and major moons.
  • All stars are correctly represented as 3D bodies with classification-appropriate color, texture and relative radii.
  • Expanded set of "Space Missions" including 30 new detailed and accurate 3D models of spacecraft and their trajectories. Also includes updates for current and ongoing missions.
  • The most precise planetary positions possible.
  • 3500 individual text descriptions for stars, planets, moons, satellites, exoplanets, space missions, deep sky objects and more.
  • Revised SkyGuide featuring updated tours and media.
  • Home Location set automatically using IP Address.
  • Advanced Planet Rendering for landscape shadows, water reflections, and city lights on the dark side (Earth only).
  • Updated Messier catalog featuring new images for star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies that are visually stunning.

Additional Starry Night Enthusiast 7 Features...


  • Observational Planner
  • Ephemeris Creator
  • Graph Tool
  • Telescope Control
  • Equipment List
  • FOV Indicators
  • Image Manipulator
  • Hertzsprung-Russell-Diagram
  • 180??? field of view
  • Advanced Guides (hour angle, precession, galactic, & extra-galactic)
  • Celestial and Local Path Options
  • Orbit Editor
  • Night Vision
  • Improved Light Pollution Settings
  • Location Indicators and Outlines of Surface Characteristics
  • LogBook
  • 12 Milky Way Spectra
  • Time travel from 4713 BCE to 9999 ACE
  • Millions of DeepSky Object Databases
  • Investigate up to 16 million stars
  • Celestial Event Locator



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