Orion StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope

Brand: Orion

SKU : OR-10015

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  • Compact grab-and-go telescope designed for entry-level and intermediate astronomy enthusiasts
  • Substantial 4.5" aperture and fast f/4 focal ratio provides bright, detailed views of solar system targets like the Moon and planets, as well as wide-field celestial objects like nebulas and star clusters
  • Low-profile swivel base ships pre-assembled, provides smooth altazimuth motion for easy manual targeting and tracking of celestial objects
  • Includes 20mm (22.5x power) and 10mm (for 45x power) 4-element eyepieces, EZ Finder II aiming device, eyepiece rack, glare-reducing Moon filter, and Orion's MoonMap 260

Product Details

  • Here is a fun and compact telescope that's sure to inspire the whole family's natural inclination to explore. The Orion StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope will impress you and your family with its high-quality construction, hassle-free operation, and space-penetrating optical performance.

    A perfect telescope for beginning amateur astronomers, the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector is manufactured with the kind of quality you'd expect only to find in much more expensive models. Beginning amateur astronomers will enjoy hour after hour of fun under the stars. In fact, the optics of the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector are so good that it's also a very popular choice for more experienced amateur astronomers wanting a "grab-and-go" alternative to larger, bulkier mounted models that require more setup time and maintenance.

    With its big 4.5" aperture parabolic primary mirror, the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope will wow the whole family with gorgeous wide-field views of the night sky. Fascinating craters and mountains on the Moon pop out in crisp detail. The planetary giant Jupiter with its orbiting moons and Saturn with its stunning rings will have you gazing in awe. And from a dark sky you will study intriguing views of bright galaxies, distant cloudy nebulas, and sparkling star clusters.

    Set the compact StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector on the ground, on a table in the back yard, or even on the hood of your car in the backcountry, and comfortably view the heavens to your heart's content. Thanks to its modest stature, the StarBlast makes a great "take it with" telescope for road trip adventures, camp-outs, and just hitting the local park.

    Outfitted with a thorough set of included accessories, the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector is one nicely equipped telescope!

    You get quality 20mm and 10mm 4-element eyepieces with the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector.

    Start with the 20mm eyepiece to see a wide view with 22.5x magnification. Once you've centered an object in the 20mm eyepiece, swap in the 10mm eyepiece to boost the magnification up to 45x. Both eyepieces have threaded barrels to allow use of Orion filters, including the glare-reducing Moon filter that comes with the telescope.

    The included Orion EZ Finder II red-dot scope makes it "EZ" to aim the telescope.

    Following a simple alignment procedure, use the EZ Finder II "red dot scope" to accurately aim the StarBlast 4.5 at objects in the sky like the Moon and bright planets. Just peer through the EZ Finder's viewing window and move the telescope until the red dot is positioned on the object you want to observe. And voila the object will appear right in the telescope's eyepiece, ready to view. Recently upgraded with a dovetail base.

    Dial-in celestial details with the smooth adjusting 1.25" rack-and-pinion focuser.

    The Orion StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector telescope features a precision rack-and-pinion 1.25" focuser built to accept any 1.25"-sized Orion eyepiece or accessory. The smooth focus control makes it easy to dial-in fine details when observing objects in the night sky, whether you're looking at a rocky lunar crater or a wispy nebula. The focuser features two knurled thumbscrews to secure inserted 1.25" eyepieces and accessories in-place.

    Built-in base handle makes the StarBlast a great "grab-and-go" telescope.

    Thanks to the built-in carrying handle on the telescope's pre-assembled base, the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector can be set up quickly and easily and carried conveniently. With a total assembled weight of just 13 lbs., the StarBlast 4.5 is delightfully transportable.

    Cut the Moon's glare and see more detail on its surface with the Orion 13% Transmission Moon Filter.

    This popular accessory reduces glare and boosts contrast so you can enjoy more-detailed views of lunar surface features. It blocks 87% of the Moon's brightness to provide a more comfortable view and reveal subtle details. It's a neutral density filter that will not alter the natural color of the Moon, either.

    Explore the Moon and identify its craters, spacecraft landing sites, and more with your telescope!

    With locations and names of over 260 features on the Moon such as craters, mountains, valleys, and "seas", the Orion MoonMap 260 is a wonderful tool for all amateur astronomers. Keep it handy while you look through the telescope to help identify lunar features as you observe them. "Wow, that bright crater is named Tycho!"

    The StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector has been designed with simplicity and performance in mind. The telescope swivels effortlessly on its sturdy altazimuth base for point-and-view ease of use. In fact, the whole telescope comes pre-assembled and ready for stargazing action right out of the box! All you have to do is attach the included EZ Finder II reflex sight, insert one of the two included 1.25" telescope eyepieces, and you're ready for a night of family fun with the stars! A handy eyepiece rack attached to the StarBlast 4.5 base provides a storage spot for telescope eyepieces when not in use.

    NOTE: The StarBlast 4.5 is a reflector type telescope, and reflectors are not recommended for daytime terrestrial viewing because the image in the eyepiece is not right-side up. But reflector telescopes make great astronomical instruments, because there is no "right side up" in space!

  • specifications

    Aperture113 mm (4.5")
    Camera/Eyepiece Connection1.25
    CD ROMs IncludedStarry Night SE
    Dawes Limit1.03 arcseconds
    Exterior ColorOrion Teal Pearl
    Finder IncludedRed Dot Finder
    Focal Length450 mm
    Focal Ratiof/4
    Head DesignAltitude Azimuth
    Highest Magnification226x
    Highest Useful Magnification228x
    Light Gathering Power261x
    Limiting Magnitude14
    Limiting Stellar Magnitude12.9
    Mount Weight9 lbs.
    Optical CoatingsAluminum
    Optical DesignDobsonian
    Optical DesignNewtonian
    OTA Length18"
    OTA Weight4 lbs.
    Tube Weight4 lbs
  • included items

    • StarBlast 4.5 optical tube
    • EZ Finder reflex sight
    • 20mm 4-element eyepiece, 1.25"
    • 10mm 4-element eyepiece, 1.25"
    • 1.25" Moon filter
    • Base (assembled)
    • Tube clamp
    • Eyepiece rack
    • Dust cap
    • MoonMap 260

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