Orion SpaceProbe 130 EQ f/6.9 Newtonian Reflecting Telescope

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Orion SpaceProbe 130 EQ f/6.9 Newtonian Reflecting Telescope

  • Complete 5.1" aperture reflector telescope with full-size adjustable tripod and equatorial (EQ) mount for easy manual tracking of objects in the night sky
  • 900mm focal length and f/6.9 focal ratio makes the SpaceProbe 130 EQ an excellent telescope for viewing wide-field deep-sky objects like cloudy nebulas, distant galaxies, and sparkling open star clusters and bright globular star clusters
  • 130mm optics gulp up light from the night sky for wonderful views of the Moon and planets like Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
  • Sturdy EQ-2 equatorial telescope mount features two slow-motion control knobs so you can keep what you're looking at in the eyepiece for extended views
  • Includes two Explorer II 1.25" Kellner eyepieces (25mm and 10mm focal lengths) for two different viewing magnifications, a 6x30 finder scope for easy aiming of the telescope, collimation cap, dust caps, accessory tray, Starry Night software, and more

Begin exploring the night sky with the included 25mm Explorer II Eyepiece.

Since it provides moderate magnification, the 25mm eyepiece is a great way to begin exploring interesting objects in the sparkling night sky. The 1.25" Orion 25mm Explorer II eyepiece yields a 36-power view when used with the SpaceProbe 130 reflector telescope, which is ideal for scanning the night sky. You'll be amazed at the crisp views of sights like the cratered surface of the Moon and much more!

Take a closer look with the included 10mm Explorer II Eyepiece.

When you want to study objects with more magnification, use the included 10mm Explorer II eyepiece. The fully coated 10mm Explorer II eyepiece provides a powerful, 90x view when inserted into the SpaceProbe 130 reflector telescope, so you can inspect objects more closely. We recommend starting out with the lower-power 25mm eyepiece, then switching to the 10mm Explorer II to increase magnification.

The included 6x30 finder scope will help you aim the telescope accurately.

The SpaceProbe 130 EQ comes with a 6x30 achromatic finder scope to help home in on celestial targets. Once a simple alignment procedure is carried out, the 6x30 finder scope makes it easy to aim the SpaceProbe reflector accurately at celestial targets like the Moon, bright planets, galaxies and star clusters. Once aligned with the telescope, just peer through the finder scope and move the telescope until the cross hairs are centered on the object you want to see.

The included EQ-2 mount and tripod provides slow-motion control and stable support.

The Orion SpaceProbe 130 EQ Reflector Telescope comes with our sturdy EQ-2 equatorial mount. Slow-motion controls on the EQ-2 mount allow fine manual motion of the telescope so you can keep a target object in the eyepiece field-of-view over an extended period of time. With a minimal amount of practice, you'll be following celestial objects as they appear to migrate across the night sky like a seasoned amateur astronomer.

Learn about the night sky with the included Starry Night Special Edition software.

Explore starry skies anytime - even when it's cloudy! The AstroView 120ST Equatorial Refractor Telescope includes a FREE Special Edition download of Starry Night astronomy software. With realistic sky simulations and a many useful features including telescope control, the user-friendly Starry Night Special Edition software will help you plan your observations and understand what you see. Requires PC running Windows 7, 8 or 10. Requires Macintosh running OS X 10.4 or higher. The AstroView 120ST EQ refractor telescope also includes a collimation cap and center-marked primary mirror for easy optical alignment.  


Aperture130 mm (5")
Camera/Eyepiece Connection1.25
Dawes Limit0.89 arcseconds
Focal Length900 mm
Focal Ratiof/6.9
Head DesignGerman Equatorial
Hightest Magnification260x
Light Gathering Power345x
Limiting Magnitude14.3
Optical DesignNewtonian
Secondary Obstruction34mm
Tube Length826mm
Tube Weight9.7 lbs