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Orion Saturn Map & Observing Guide

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Orion Saturn Map & Observing Guide

Orion Saturn Map & Observing Guide

Saturn is a truly majestic object, gracing the night sky with the simple beauty of it's ring system and unusual gas body. Tantalizingly within reach of a telescope, this celestial body is what stirred and launched the hobbies of many an amateur astronomer. This affordable Map and Observing guide for Saturn is a wonderfully useful tool for any amateur observer of any skill level who wishes to enhance their observations and understanding of this beautiful gas giant planet and it's stunning ring system. The tri-fold map format is both easy to read, and packed full of beautiful images and useful information to help you optimize each and every Saturn viewing experience. The map and observation guide is full of interesting information about the plethora of moons of Saturn, it's extensive ring system, the ring tilt cycle- and even more! It also contains information for identifying the light and dark atmospheric features of Saturn using official jargon, and a thorough list of recommended filters to help enhance visual views and astrophotos of Saturn. What is more, there is a detailed list of all upcoming conjunctions and oppositions of Saturn from 2014 through to 2020.

  • Laminated for Stain resistance
  • 25.25X11 Inches unfolded
  • 8.5X11 Inches folded
  • Full of beautiful images and useful information!