Orion Vixen-Style Universal Dovetail Mounting Plate

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  • Orion Vixen-Style Universal Dovetail Mounting Plate

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    Orion Vixen-Style Universal Dovetail Mounting Plate

    The Orion Vixen-Style Universal Dovetail Mounting Plate: Most dovetail plates will only fit rings at predetermined spacings, because there are only a small number of holes tapped into them. With Orion's new narrow universal dovetail plate, you have more holes, more options and far more versatility.

    If your optical tube has rings that may not fit the hole spacing of standard dovetail bars, Orion's Narrow Universal Dovetail Mounting Plate is the answer. It has many holes spaced along its length so any possible ring spacing that you need is available. There are two slots for extra versatility in the spacing combinations. Cameras and other accessories with tripod sockets can easily attach to this narrow dovetail plate, wherever you need to place them.

    Narrow Universal Dovetail Mounting Plate fits narrow Vixen-style saddles, like those on Orion AstroView EQ, SkyView Pro EQ, Sirius EQ-G, and unaltered Atlas EQ-G telescope mounts. With the Narrow Universal Dovetail Mounting plate by Orion, you'll have a secure connection and perfect placement - no matter what Optical Tube you're using to explore the universe!

    OPT Product Number: OR-7955



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    • Did I miss something or is this of infinite length????? You would think that specs would list the length in inches or mm!!!

      Hello Fuzzy, No, it's not of infinite length :) It stops somewhere short of 14"

    • Please specify the length and weight of this component. They are both critical values I would NOT have have expected to see omitted in your product advertisement!

      The Orion Vixen-Style Universal Dovetail Mounting Plate is 13.5" long and weighs 1.1lbs

    • Hi What is the backfocus requirement of this reducer? Cheers Earl

      This reducer needs an additional Vixen M60 T adapter that is ~6mm thick to get to the standard 55mm back focus, so approximately 61mm from the large diameter thread (M60) on the camera side.