Orion Monster Parallelogram Binocular Mount

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Orion Monster Parallelogram Binocular Mount

Orion Monster Parallelogram Binocular Mount

Big and heavy astronomy binoculars provide breathtaking views of starry skies, but they require a very stable platform for comfortable stargazing use. While standard tripods are usually sufficient for daytime use of big binoculars to scan the horizon, using them to point big binoculars to the sky is another story. Inherent height limitations and awkward adjustment controls of standard tripods can lead to shaky, neck-straining views of the heavens above.

Luckily, Orion has an essential solution for lovers of big astronomy binoculars. The Orion Monster Parallelogram Binocular Mount & Tripod is specifically designed for use with gigantic astronomy binoculars, and will provide big binocular enthusiasts with hour after hour of comfortable viewing and silky-smooth motion control. This stable mount can support giant astronomical binoculars weighing up to 15 pounds with up to 100mm-diameter objective lenses. Once attached to the Monster Parallelogram Mount, you can easily aim your big astronomy binoculars anywhere in the sky - including straight up to view the zenith - with welcome precision. The mount includes an anodized L-bracket for secure binocular attachment, and it conveniently accepts narrow dovetail plates so you can even use it with smaller telescopes.

Since balance is vital when using large mounted binoculars, the Orion Monster Parallelogram Mount boasts six degrees of motion to make precise balancing delightfully easy. Two 11-pound counterweights are included to provide ample balancing control for even the heftiest astronomy binoculars.

This crowd-pleasing mount's parallelogram design can be used to raise and lower attached binoculars without disrupting the aim. This wonderful feature is a lifesaver when stargazing with family and friends of varying height, so each person can enjoy the view of the same object. With the Orion Monster Parallelogram Mount, you can position attached binoculars up to 6' and as low as 2'6". An optional pier extension is sold separately for additional height.

Includes anodized L-bracket for binocular attachment, convenient handle for easy slewing, and fully assembled tripod.

Manufacturer Product Number: 5752


Counterweights11 lb.
Head DesignAltitude—Azimuth
Warranty1 Year Warranty
Weight of Tripod/Monopod23.0 lbs.


Ask a Question
  • Can I use this while lying on my back, in a 0 gravity lounge chair?

    Absolutely! That's an excellent idea. The ORION MONSTER PARALLELOGRAM can be lowered to 2'6" allowing for extra low viewing.

  • Can I use this while lying on my back, in a 0 gravity lounge chair?

    Good afternoon and thanks for asking. As long as your chair places your eyes at least 2'6" off the ground I don't see why that wouldn't work.

  • Can you be more specific about the function of the mini dovetail and dovetail rail? Thank you.

    This mount includes a V-series L bracket for mounting binoculars, but you can also mount small scopes if they have a V-series dovetail attached to their rings or clamshells.