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Orion HDX110 EQ-G GoTo Equatorial Mount - Head Only

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Orion HDX110 EQ-G GoTo Equatorial Mount - Head Only

Orion HDX110 EQ-G GoTo Equatorial Mount

The Orion HDX110 EQ-G equatorial mount offers ultra high precision and a solid frame capable of carrying up to 110 pounds in equipment while still maintaining excellent tracking. +/-3 arcsecond tracking without PEC (Periodic Error Correction). The HDX 110 from Orion provides stability and accuracy for demanding imaging and observing setups. This model is the head only with counterweight shaft and cables. It does not include a tripod, case, pier and counterweights.

Featuring robust, observatory-grade electronics which includes high resolution, micro-stepped stepper motors and patented dual-encoder technology which allows both automated operation and manual slewing, without losing the initial GoTo alignment. The alignment is so well maintained that once it has been successfully completed, you can loosen the RA and DEC clutches to reposition the mount with telescope attached and you will still be accurately aligned upon relocking the clutches!

Utilizing Orion's SynScan GoTo controller, the Orion HDX110 can be pointed to anyone of the 42,000 objects in the database with ease. It also allows for a highly accurate polar alignment routine that doesn't require a polar aligning scope - or a view of Polaris. This smart mount also offers permanent periodic error correction (PPEC) to improve on the already excellent PEC. The correction is saved from session to session.

The HDX110 Mount's EQ head features 8.6-inch (219.5 mm) Right Ascension (RA) and Declination (Dec) worm wheels with 435 gear teeth and a thick RA and Dec shaft diameter of 55 mm. It's equipped with an autoguider port, ultra smooth latitude jackscrew with a 10-degree to 65-degree range, precise azimuth adjustment knobs (+/- 10-degree range from center), SNAP port (for DSLR shutter control), and ON/OFF switch. The mount head itself weighs 55-pounds and is equipped with two large handles that make it easy to lift. The 1.25-inch diameter stainless steel counterweight shaft, threads securely into the mount head. The saddle is a wide, "Losmandy" or "D style" clamp plate with three locking hand knobs.

This model of the HDX110 includes the equatorial mount head, counterweight shaft, GoTo hand controller, and cables. Counterweights are sold separately. Tripod pier not included. The HDX110 instruction manual includes schematic plans of the mount's baseplate with dimensions for those interested in attaching the HDX110 telescope mount to a permanent pier or a preferred tripod. The Orion HDX110 EQ-G GoTo Mount requires a 12V DC, 4A power supply or field-battery for motorized operation. A 12V DC power cable with auto-lighter plug and threaded connector to the mount is included.


Head DesignGerman Equatorial
Instrument Capacity110 lbs
Total Weight60.7 lbs

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First Impressions

The mount arrived promptly and packaging was in good condition. I spent the first day modifying my home made pier plate for my CGEM to accommodate the new Orion mount that replaced it. The engineering drawings included in the manual were invaluable in accomplishing a perfect fit to the mount first try. Most of the following weeks were cloudy locally, but recently I had a few clear nights to evaluate mount performance. Thus far I have been very favorably impressed with the HDX-110's tracking. Tracking error is spec'd at +/- 3 arc seconds RMS, and it appears to be at least that good. The software assisted polar alignment routine made it easy to bring PA error within a few arc seconds in both axes. Subsequently, three minute UNGUIDED exposures at f/6.3, 1764 mm focal length WITHOUT PEC training produced very pleasing ROUND star images with no sign of streaking or smearing, even at 200% zoom. And mind you this was in spite of a gusty 10 mph wind! My hypertuned CGEM mount would never have been up to this. Even while making adjustments to the cameras and installing a dew shield on the OTA star images did not budge. This mount is rock solid and stable. After doing a 3 star align, goto's were accurate, always placing the target near center or well within the 35 x 26 minute FOV of my STF-8300 imaging camera. Bottom line is this mount is hard to beat at this price point!


First light with my HDX 110 mount

The Orion HDX110 mount worked great. The mount preformed the 3 star alignment without any issues. The alignment stars were all within the finder scope and after alignment and the goto objects were always in the field of view of my camera. At most 10 arc secs off. I also learned how well the mount will stay aligned when the dew came in. I attached the dew straps on my main scope and auto guider while the mount never moved from its point. I was like wow, my G-11 could never do that. Also once aligned and guiding I could adjust the focus on the main camera and never even bother the auto guider with a glitch. The mount is stable. The off axis polar scope was not to hard to figure out and I achieved a pretty good polar alignment. The only downside to this mount was when I got it, the elevation screw head had punched a hole through the bottom of storage case. All things being considered, this is a great mount for the value. You would be hard pressed to beat it for the price.