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Orion GoScope 80mm Refractor Telescope and Tripod Bundle

SKU : OR-27186

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  • The compact-sized GoScope 80mm Refractor is made even more convenient for use with the Tripod bundle, meaning you don't need a table to use your new telescope!
  • Great for observing the Moon, bright planets, sparkling star clusters, and bright nebulas under dark skies
  • Extremely light-weight at 8.5lbs, so you can take your GoScope 80mm Refractor and Tripod Bundle to your favorite starry sky observing spot

Product Details

  • When you want to use your TableTop telescope for stargazing, but don't want to lug a table to your observation spot, Orion's GoScope 80mm TableTop Refractor Telescope with Tripod Bundle is the perfect solution for you! You'll have the ability to gaze at the stars at your convenience, whether it be in your own backyard or favorite far-out observing spot.

    This ultra-compact, beginner's refractor makes a great quality first telescope for those that are just starting out in the world of visual astronomy. The GoScope 80 refractor's convenient size makes it a true "grab-and-go" telescope, perfect for even more experienced amateurs that want the mobile experience.

    With an 80mm objective lens and 350mm focal length, the GoScope 80 refractor is ideal for wide angle, low power "sweeping" across the night sky. The GoScope 80 telescope performs exceptionally well for its small stature, collecting over 30% more light than its 70mm counterpart, and over 70% more light than a 60mm refractor.

    The included 20mm (17.5x), 10mm (35x), and 6.3mm (55.5x) 1.25" telescope eyepieces will aid in your exploration of the solar system as you observe the Moon's craters and mountains, Saturn's rings, and the moons of Jupiter. As you scan the Milky Way, you will also be in awe viewing the open and globular star clusters, as well as a nebula or two. Bringing your Orion GoScope 80mm Refractor Telescope and Tripod Bundle to your favorite dark-sky site will allow you to envisage the wonderful details of space.


    EZ Finder II Red-Dot Sight

    You can use the EZ Finder II sight to precisely aim the GoScope 80mm TableTop telescope at objects in the sky, such as bright planets and the moon, once you have properly aligned your telescope. Once alignment with your telescope is complete, turn on the EZ Finder II and look through the sight's circular viewing window so that you can see the red dot. Move the telescope until the red dot is on the object you want to see in order to place it in the reflector's field of view.


    You want to start using the GoScope 80mm with the included 20mm eyepiece so that you are able to see a nice, wide view with 17.5x magnification. After you've centered your selected object in the 20mm eyepiece, you can increase your magnification by using the 10mm eyepiece, which provides up to 35x magnification. Your GoScope 80mm Bundle also includes a 6.3mm Orion E-Series eyepiece, which provides high-powered 55.5x magnification that can be used to go after lunar crater details, bright planets, and star clusters in magnificent detail. If you wish, you can purchase other 1.25" eyepieces to use with the GoScope 80mm as you progress in the hobby.

    90-Degree Star Diagonal

    The purpose of a star diagonal is to "bend" the light path of a telescope so you can enjoy the view without breaking your back to get into awkward positions to peer into the eyepiece. The included 90-degree star diagonal with your GoScope 80mm Refractor yields bright images while providing a comfortable right-angle viewing orientation for stargazing.

    Field Tripod

    You can view the night sky without a table by using the included field tripod, which has an adjustable height range of 20" to 34.5". This tripod is also equipped with an extendable elevator column, which can give viewers of different heights the ability to look to the night sky comfortably.

    Starry Night Special Edition Software

    Even when your skies are cloudy, you'll still be able to explore the stars by using the Starry Nights Special Edition astronomy software! It will tell you what stars, constellations, planets, and other cosmic objects will be visible on any day at any time. This user-friendly software provides realistic sky simulations and other useful features, including telescope control. You can plan your observations and understand what it is that you're observing. The software requires PC running Windows 10, or Macintosh running OS X 10.10 or higher.

  • specifications

    Aperture80 mm (3.25")
    Camera/Eyepiece Connection1.25" Nosepiece
    Dawes Limit1.45 arcseconds
    Focal Length350 mm
    Focal Ratiof/4.4
    Glass TypeCrown/Flint
    Highest Magnification160x
    Light Gathering Power131x
    Optical DesignDoublet Refractor
    Tube Length317.5 mm
    Tube Weight2.9 lb
  • included items

    • Orion GoScope 80mm Refractor Telescope
    • 90-Degree Star Diagonal
    • 20mm Telescope Eyepiece
    • 10mm Telescope Eyepiece
    • 6.3mm Telescope Eyepiece
    • EZ Finder II Red-Dot Sight
    • 3/8"-1/4"-20 threaded adapter for tripod attachment
    • Adjustable Field Tripod

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