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Orion Finder Bracket Mounting Hardware - Discontinued

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Orion Finder Bracket Mounting Hardware - Discontinued

Orion Finder Bracket Mounting Hardware

The Orion Dovetail Mounting Hardware is designed for customized installation of the Orion finderscope bracket, reflex sight bracket, or a green laser pointer bracket to your telescope. Compatible with virtually any telescope, and even capable of adding a second finder to an Orion telescope tube that already has one, each and every model features a locking dovetail and an aluminum base that fits on any size of optical tube. Each and every single Dovetail Mounting Base model is designed to accept any and all Orion finder scope brackets, EZ finder II and EZ finder deluxe reflex sight brackets, and Orion's SkyLine Deluxe Green Laser Pointer bracket. These incredibly useful bases can be used to install multiple aiming devices to your telescope- allowing for manifold aiming options on a single telescope, through use of multiple devices and mounts!

  • Compatible with most any telescope.
  • Allows for a variety of finder bracket installations.
  • Can install multiple on a single telescope.