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Orion Deluxe Off-Axis Guider

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  • Permits simultaneous imaging and guiding with one telescope
  • Compatibility: 2-inch telescope focusers, T-threads, 1.25-inch nosepieces
  • Requisites: 59 mm Inward Focus Travel
  • Extensions Included: 7 mm, 17 mm, 30 mm



Orion Deluxe Off-Axis Guider

The Orion Deluxe Off-Axis guider has been designed to make it possible for you to image and guide with the same telescope, removing the need for a separate guide-scope for astrophotography. This helps save on setup time, setup weight, and can eliminate most of the tracking problems that can sometimes arise from a two-scope setup, especially those associated with mirror shift or tube flexure. The Orion Deluxe Off-Axis Guider requires at least 59 mm of inward focus travel, and will likely require some form of threaded adapter for use with certain models of Schmidt-Cassegrain (SCT) Telescopes.

As packaged, the Orion Deluxe Off-Axis Guider may attach to any 2-inch telescope focuser via the included 2-inch nosepiece or T-thread equipped rear-cell. It includes a 7 mm, a 17 mm, and a 30 mm T-extension to accommodate a variety of camera and guider combinations. The Deluxe Off-Axis guider is compatible with any astrophotography autoguider that features T-threads or a 1.25-inch nosepiece.

Manufacturer Product Number: 05521



Accessory TypeAuto Guiding



  • Orion Deluxe Off-Axis Guider Main Body
  • 2-inch Nosepiece
  • 30 mm Extension
  • 17 mm Extension
  • 7 mm Extension
  • Fine Focus Guiding Adapter and 1.25-Inch Eyepiece Holder
  • Rotate Lock Ring
  • Hex Key