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Orion Awesome AutoGuider 80mm Refractor Telescope Package

SKU : OR-24770

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  • Add this Awesome AutoGuider package to any astrophotography setup and enjoy the accurate, beautiful images you'll capture of the night sky
  • This package includes everything you'll need for precise autoguiding: ShortTube 80 guide scope refractor, guide scope rings, guide scope ring mounting bar, 1.25" extension tube, and the StarShoot AutoGuider
  • Astrophotography telescope MUST be equipped with tube rings in order to attach the included guide scope ring mounting bar in a piggyback orientation

Product Details

  • Orion's Awesome AutoGuider Refractor Telescope Package is an affordable yet effective autoguiding solution that can be added to virtually any astrophotography system. It will improve guiding accuracy, giving you amazing astro-photos every time you use it!

    When you're embarking on long-exposure astrophotography, precise guiding is an absolute necessity to generate pinpoint star images. Using both a dedicated autoguider device and guide scope telescope is arguably the best way to optimize the accuracy of any astrophotography pursuit. Utilizing a complete autoguiding setup is useful when you're trying to capture images of deep-sky objects when multiple lengthy exposures are required.

    Orion ShortTube 80 Refractor Telescope Optical Tube Assembly (OTA)

    This refractor telescope is included in this package for use as a guide scope. With a short focal length of 400 mm and the fast f/5 optical tube providing an expansive field-of-view, the ShortTube 80 makes an ideal guide scope. It features fully multi-coated optics and is light weight- only 2.4 lbs!

    Orion StarShoot AutoGuider

    The StarShoot AutoGuider keeps track of a selected guide star and constantly communicates with a connected equatorial telescope mount to correct any tracking errors throughout long exposure astrophotography sessions. The sensor inside this autoguider is a high-resolution, 1/2" format 1.3 MP CMOS monochrome chip. This chip resides in an ultra-compact, anodized aluminum housing that is just 2.5" wide by 2.35" long and weighs a diminutive 4.4 oz. Thanks to the small pixel size (5.2 µ x 5.2 µ), this highly accurate sensor makes the StarShoot AutoGuider a perfect match with the short focal length ShortTube 80 refractor guide scope.

    Orion 105 mm ID Pair of Guide Scope Rings

    The set of two cast-metal rings that are included in this package are designed to hold the ShortTube 80 refractor and provide a wide range of alignment adjustment, allowing you to easily align your guide scope with your astrophotography telescope. Each guide scope ring is machined with 3 non-marring nylon alignment screws for precise alignment of the guide scope without any scratching.

    Orion Guide Scope Ring Mounting Bar

    The sturdy, anodized aluminum guide scope ring mounting bar is included to attach the entire Awesome AutoGuider Package to your astrophotography telescope! Just attach the guide scope rings to the mounting bar with the included hardware and then install the ShortTube 80 refractor into the guide scope rings. Then, couple the entire Awesome AutoGuider package to your astrophotography telescope. Pre-drilled through-holes allow for easy attachment.

    1.25" Orion Telescope Eyepiece Extension Tube

    An anodized, machined aluminum 1.25" Orion eyepiece extension tube is included to provide extra focuser "back travel" on the ShortTube 80 refractor, making focus easily achievable.

  • specifications

    Aperture80 mm (3.25")
    Dawes Limit1.45 arcseconds
    Focal Length400 mm
    Focal Ratiof/5
    Glass TypeCrown/Flint
    Highest Magnification160x
    Lens CoatingsFully Multi Coated
    Light Gathering Power131x
    Optical DesignDoublet Refractor
    Tube Length381 mm
    Tube Weight3 lb
  • included items

    • Orion ShortTube 80 refractor telescope optical tube assembly (OTA)
    • Orion StarShoot AutoGuider
    • 1.25" Extension tube (for camera focus)
    • Guide scope rings
    • Guide scope ring mounting bar

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