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Orion AstroView 90mm f/10.1 Doublet Refracting Telescope

SKU : OR-09024

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  • A powerful, high-quality refractor telescope at an amazingly low price
  • 90 mm (3.5-inch) aperture and 910 mm focal length for crisp views of deep-sky objects, the Moon, and planets
  • Included EQ-2 adjustable tripod and equatorial mount for manual slow-motion celestial tracking
  • Includes two Sirius Plossl 1.25-inch eyepieces (25 mm and 10 mm), 6 x 30 finder scope, smooth-adjusting 1.25-inch rack and pinion focuser, 90-degree mirror diagonal for comfortable nighttime performance, Starry Night astronomy software, and more
  • Can also be used for pleasing daytime terrestrial viewing with a correct-image diagonal (correct-image diagonal sold separately)


Product Details

  • As any telescope aficionado will tell you, the virtue of a refractor lies in its pristine image quality. The only challenge to owning a refractor has always been the price: refractors cost more per inch of aperture than any other telescope design. That's still true, but steady advances in precision lens manufacturing technology are bringing those prices down.

    Way down, in the case of our remarkable Orion AstroView 90 mm (3.54-Inch) Aperture Equatorial Refractor Telescope. This impressive 90 mm refractor telescope is priced to please, without compromising quality. This is a soundly constructed telescope that any new backyard astronomer or experienced stargazer will appreciate from the first night out.

    The Orion AstroView 90 mm EQ Refractor is a planetary power-performer with its 90 mm aperture and 910 mm focal length. Views of the planets and Moon through the f/10 AstroView 90 telescope are nothing short of spectacular. When aimed at our nearest neighbor in space, the Moon, the AstroView 90 yields tack-sharp views of the rocky lunar surface with craters and mountainous regions visible in crisp, high-contrast detail. You'll find yourself transfixed by the rugged relief of the Moon's surface as shadows along the terminator enchant your eyes. On a reasonably clear evening, Jupiter's cloud banding becomes starkly visible, as do all four of its major Galilean moons. Depending on the time of year, the Orion AstroView 90 mm EQ Refractor can also provide the whole family with jaw-dropping views of Saturn and its stunning rings, not to mention glimpses of Saturn's largest moon Titan.

    With 90 mm of aperture, the AstroView 90 mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope can also provide great views of many deep-sky phenomena. With the 25 mm Plossl eyepiece installed in the telescope to provide 36x power magnification, our namesake deep-sky object, the Orion Nebula, exhibits the four Trapezium stars as perfect blue pinpoints surrounded by a pretty patch of greenish gas. If you pop in the included 10 mm eyepiece to bump up the power to 91x magnification - wow! - the nebula will appear sprout cloudy wings, which span nearly the entire eyepiece field of view!

    Orion AstroView 90mm f/10.1 Doublet Refracting Telescope

    • Begin your night sky explorations with the included 25 mm Sirius Plossl Eyepiece.
      The included 1.25-inch Orion 25 mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece provides a 36-power view when used with the AstroView 90 mm refractor telescope. Using this eyepiece's moderate magnification is a great way to begin exploring interesting objects in the sparkling night sky. Offering a wide 52-degrees apparent field of view, the 25 mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece yields extremely sharp images of impressively high contrast. You'll be amazed at the crisp, clear views of sights like the cratered surface of the Moon and much more!
    • Take a closer look with the included 10mm Sirius Plossl Eyepiece.
      When you're ready to study objects with more magnification, use the included 10 mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece. When inserted into the AstroView 90 mm refractor telescope, the 10 mm Plossl provides a powerful, 91x view with a 52-degrees apparent field of view, so you can inspect interesting objects more closely. We recommend starting out with the lower-power 25 mm Plossl, then switching to the 10 mm ocular to boost the power of your telescope's view.
    • Use the included 90-degree star diagonal to view the night sky comfortably.
      A diagonal "bends" the light path of a telescope so you can enjoy the view without having to contort yourself into awkward positions to peer into the eyepiece. The 90-degree star diagonal that comes with the AstroView 90 mm refractor places the eyepiece you're using in a comfortable position for nighttime stargazing of the skies above.
    • The included 6 x 30 finder scope will help you aim the telescope accurately.
      Following a simple alignment procedure, you can use 6 x 30 finder scope to accurately aim the AstroView 90 mm refractor at objects in the sky like the Moon, bright planets, nebulas and star clusters. Once aligned with the telescope, just peer through the finder scope and move the telescope until the crosshairs are centered on the object you want to see. Look in the telescope, and it'l be right there!
    • The included EQ-2 equatorial mount provides stable support and slow-motion control.
      The AstroView 90 mm refractor is supported by the substantial Orion EQ-2 equatorial mount, which allows for easy manual tracking of celestial objects as they appear to migrate across the night sky. An occasional tweak of the equatorial mount's R.A. (Right Ascension) slow-motion cable will keep any object centered in the telescope eyepiece. You can also use an optional electronic motor drive for more automated, hands-free tracking of any centered object (drives sold separately).
    • Learn about the night sky with the included Starry Night -Special Edition software.
      Explore starry skies anytime - even when it's cloudy! The Orion AstroView 90 mm Equatorial Refractor telescope includes a FREE Special Edition of Starry Night astronomy software. With realistic sky simulations and a many useful features including telescope control, the user-friendly Starry Night -Special Edition software will help you plan your observations and understand what you see. Requires PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7or 8. Requires Macintosh running OS X 10.4 or higher.

    The AstroView 90 mm refractor's adjustable tripod lets you set the telescope to a comfortable height for a long night of solo stargazing, or you can change the height throughout the evening for a night of family fun with the stars. There is even a handy accessory tray that fits onto the tripod for convenient storage of gear while you're out in the field.

    The Orion AstroView 90 mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope will provide you and your family with many evenings of heavenly browsing at an unbelievably low price. The assembled telescope weighs just 23.7-pounds total, so it's easy to take outside for impromptu observing sessions.


  • specifications

    Aperture90 mm (3.5")
    Camera/Eyepiece Connection1.25"
    Dawes Limit1.29 arcseconds
    Focal Length900 mm
    Focal Ratiof/10.1
    Glass TypeCrown/Flint
    Head DesignEquatorial
    Highest Magnification180x
    Instrument Capacity10 lbs
    Light Gathering Power165x
    Limiting Magnitude13.5
    Mount Head Weight16.5lbs
    Optical DesignDoublet Refractor
    Telescope Connection1/4 20
    Total Weight36.3 lbs
    Tube Length902mm
    Tube Weight5 lbs
  • included items

    • Orion 90 mm f/10.1 refractor telescope Optical Tube Assembly (OTA)
    • 25 mm Orion Sirius Plössl telescope eyepiece, 1.25-inch
    • 10 mm Orion Sirius Plössl telescope eyepiece, 1.25-inch
    • 90-degree Mirror star diagonal (1.25-inch)
    • Tripod legs
    • Orion Equatorial mount
    • Orion 6 x 30 finder scope
    • Finder scope bracket with O-ring
    • Tube rings
    • Counterweight
    • Counterweight shaft
    • Tripod accessory tray
    • Slow-motion control cables
    • Dust cap
    • Accessory tray bracket
    • Wrenches
    • Phillips-head screwdriver
    • Flat-head screwdriver key
    • Starry Night -Special Edition astronomy software download insert



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Marlon .
United States United States
Step up from a lower quality scope

I love this scope as it was a gift for me. The images are sharp and crisp. It has the look and feel of a more expensive scope overall. It came with quality hardware and I also have the bag designed for this scope. I use the smart phone adapter and it works well. Soon I will be planning on adding the go to feature and for automated seeking. I still new at this but having this scope motivates me to discover what's out there.