Orion 70mm Multi-Use Finderscope

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Orion 70mm Multi-Use Finderscope

Build your own custom telescope aiming device with the modular Orion 70 mm Multi-Use Finder Scope. This finder optical tube allows you to customize your own 70 mm optical finder scope by adding optional eyepieces, diagonals, video cameras, and more to create a complete finder solution for your telescope.

Depending on your particular aiming needs, it is easy to customize the 70 mm Multi-Use Finder Scope so it will provide optimal aiming for your astronomy setup. Since the 70 mm aperture lens is capable of gathering twice the amount of light compared to a 50 mm finder scope, you'll be able to aim your telescope with the help of brighter, more detailed views of starry skies. Six adjustable alignment thumbscrews on the Multi-Use Finder Scope's mounting bracket make it easy to accurately align the finder with your telescope.

In order for the Orion 70 mm Multi-Use Finder Scope to reach focus, an 1.25-inch mirror or prism diagonal is required along with an 1.25-inch telescope eyepiece, illuminated reticle eyepiece, imaging camera, video camera, or autoguiding device. With approximately 10 mm of focus travel and helical focus adjustment, you'll be able to achieve sharp focus through the 70 mm Multi-Use Finder Scope with most combinations of diagonal and eyepiece, or diagonal and imaging accessory. (All eyepieces, diagonals, and astrophotography accessories sold separately.)

For visual observers, you can attach either a 90-degree or 45-degree prism or mirror diagonal and an 1.25-inch illuminated reticle eyepiece to create your own custom 70 mm angled finder scope. If you use the Orion 12.5 mm Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece with the f/3.9 Orion 70 mm Multi-Use Finder Scope, it becomes a 22 x 70 finder scope with powerful 22x magnification. Alternatively, you could use the Orion 20 mm I.C.E. eyepiece to create a custom 14 x 70 finder scope for a wider, 14x magnification view. A mirror or prism diagonal is required along with an eyepiece in order for the 70 mm Multi-Use Finder scope to achieve focus. By attaching a diagonal along with a StarShoot Deep Space Video Camera II, you can make your own 70 mm video-finder! You can even use the 70 mm Multi-Use Finder Scope as a compact, wide-field f/3.9 telescope or spotting scope by adding a combination of a standard 1.25-inch telescope eyepiece and a 1.25-inch prism or mirror diagonal. (All eyepieces, diagonals and astrophotography accessories sold separately.)

For astrophotographers, the Multi-Use Finder Scope's big 70 mm aperture is especially beneficial when used along with a diagonal and the Orion StarShoot AutoGuider for guided imaging sessions. Compared to smaller aperture guide scopes, the 70 mm lens of the Multi-Use Finder significantly increases the amount of potential guide stars visible in a given area of night sky. This makes it easier to find, acquire, and utilize a guide star with the StarShoot AutoGuider in order to capture sharp, precisely guided astrophotos. A prism or mirror diagonal is required in order for the StarShoot AutoGuider to reach focus when used with the 70 mm Multi-Use Finder Scope. (Diagonals and StarShoot AutoGuider sold separately.)

Weighing in at 1.2-pounds without any diagonal or other required accessories installed, the lightweight Orion 70 mm Multi-Use Finder Scope allows you to create your own unique aiming device and you can easily swap out optional accessories to alter the finder's features.

It's like having multiple finder scopes in one!



Aperture70 mm (2.76")


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United States United States
there is a focuser - Previous review comments were mistaken

I was mistaken about lack of a focuser; i did not read the doc carefully - my bad. There is a somewhat basic focusing capability in line with e product pricing

r. colman
United States United States
warning - no focus mechanism included

Also, not enough set screws to use as guidescope, one ofg them is rioght against the ring making it difficult to use. what a pain.

Grigory F.
OK. Quickly and efficiently

Excellent finder, large field of view, high-quality optics. Not yet used as a guide. No weather.

Leonard T.
United States
Went as expected

This is about the transaction as opposed to use of the finderscope which I haven't done anything but focus, which went easily. The transaction was easy, shipping was very fast, the package arrived safely and was properly packaged. The transaction was very smooth as is expected; it deserves five stars.

Mike W.
United States
First Light With The 70mm Multi-Use Finder

Last night I had the first light with it, I set it up as a finder for my Dob, I understand how and why Orion offered this as a build it for what you need scope, it's not a quick change to another type of scope but it can be set up for many different uses. The helical focuser has a limit, if the eye piece needs more out travel then rotate the main focus barrel back in and add one of the supplied spacers and then focus for that eyepiece and lock the helical barrel back down, it's not offered as a rich field observing scope so unless your eye pieces are para focal you're going to have to go through the focus steps for each eye piece, it helps if you choose a diagonal with a built in helical focuser then fine focusing an eyepiece is very easy. It should be supplied with thumb screws for each spacer so you don't have to try and swap them to the next spacer in the dark, but if you set it up for your intentions before it's dark there is nothing I could complain about this product. I had no issues with the eye piece and diagonal slipping or rotating down, I did have to make a minor intravel adjustment from what I had started with but the thumb screw held very well for each part of the scope, I did make one change to the manufactures set up, I removed all three front mount ring thumb screws and installed a rubber "O" ring like many of the other finders out there, there is a groove for each set of thumb screws so the "O" ring stayed right where it needed to be and with just the three rear thumb screws axial alignment was very easy. I would recommend this scope to anybody wanting to up-grade from the stock 50mm finders on most of the popular mass produced telescopes.

Michael V.
United States
Orion 70 mm finder scope

I have installed this on my Celestron C-11 SCT in place of the original finderscope. I can use a regular 1-1/4" eyepiece for a much brighter finder view. In addition, I can use my old Starshoot Autoguider and make this my guide scope when I want to do wider field photos using my ST-80 guidescope and QHY guide camera as the main photo camera.. Best of all possible worlds!