Orion 9x50 RA Finder Scope - Black

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  • Orion 9x50 RA Finder Scope - Black

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    Orion 9x50 RA Finder Scope - Black

    The Black 9x50 Right-Angle Correct-Image Finder Scope by Orion:


    Sometimes looking through a straight finder scope can be a strain, making you crouch down and crane your neck. Well, you can call off the chiropractors because this Orion 9x50 Right-Angle Correct-Image Finder Scope lets you view in contortion-free comfort! What's more, it has a built-in Amici prism to provide a correctly oriented view, not upside-down as with standard finders.

    This achromatic, crosshair finder features fully coated glass lenses, internal baffling, and focus adjustment. The finder scope includes an aluminum bracket with two perpendicular thumbscrews for easy alignment. Dovetail foot fits many Orion telescopes (see list). Dovetail base (#OR-7214) can be purchased for custom installations. Prism and eyepiece are not removable.

    This Black 9x50 Right-Angle, Correct-Image Finder Scope is a large-aperture model ideal for use with bigger telescopes. 9x magnification, 50 mm-diameter objective lenses. Field of view, 5-degrees. Weighs 18.6-ounces.


    This finder scope fits these scopes:

    • Apex 90, 102, and 127
    • AstroView 6, 80, 100, 120, and 120ST
    • Orion Schmidt-Cassegrains
    • ED80, ED100 and ED120 Refractors
    • ShortTube 80, Refractor OTAs
    • SkyQuest XT4.5, XT6, XT8, XT10, and XT12
    • All SkyView Pro, Atlas, and Sirius
    • SpaceProbe 130 and 130ST
    • StarMax 90, 102, and 127
    • StarSeeker 100 and 130
    • 150 mm, 180 mm Maksutov-Cassegrains
    • VersaGo 80ST, 90, 102, and 130ST


    OPT Product Number: OR-07212

    Additional Information

    Accessory TypeRight Angle Optical
    WarrantyOrion Limited Warranty

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    • Have you got it with the illuminated reticle? if so how much thanks mike

      The illuminated version of this scope is the OR-7020 http://www.optcorp.com/orion-9x50-rt-angle-ci-illuminated-finderscope-7020.html and runs $129.99.

    • What can I do to mount astronomical filters to a 72 mm lens for a Cannon DSLR? Light pollution filters, O2 filters, Nebula filters of various types. Also for a F/6.3 Compressor for a SCT at prime focus?

      Hutech does make a 72mm version of the IDAS LPS-D1 filter if you prefer a front mounted filter, but it is a special order item and runs $329. This filter would only work on camera lenses with 72mm threads or smaller (with step rings) - not telescopes. The