Optec 5-Position 58mm Square Carousel for IFW3

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Optec 5-Position 58mm Square Carousel for IFW3

Optec can supply a full range of filters for the IFW wheel. Filters are easily and safely mounted in the new IFW filter wheel by use of Delrin plastic holding tabs and spacers. Filters from 1 to 5 mm in thickness can be accommodated with use of Delrin ring spacers.

Because the flexible tab and not the head of the screw holds the filter in place, it is impossible for the filter to be damaged by excess over tightening. An ample supple of tabs and spacers are supplied with each filter wheel.

Product image depicts 5-position wheel for 50 mm square for illustration purposes.


Filter OD Size in Inches58mm Square
Filter Positions5
Warranty1 Year Warranty