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Optec T-Thread Camera Mount for Optec 2" Pyxis

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Optec T-Thread Camera Mount for Optec 2" Pyxis

Optec T-Thread Camera Mount for 2" Pyxis Camera Rotator

Most CCD cameras used in astronomy use this type of threaded mount. This adapter allows use of the NextGEN (0.33X and 0.50X only) reducers to work with most SBIG cameras without the CFW wheel. However, SBIG cameras using the CFW wheel must also purchase the #17654 extender tube. This moves the camera further back so that the CFW motor does not interfere with the Pyxis.

Click on the "Accessories" tab to add the 17654 extender tube to your order if necessary.

Optec Product Number: 17646


Adapter TypeAdapters
Warranty1 Year Warranty