Optec RJ-12 Reverse Cable - 25'

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Optec RJ-12 Reverse Cable - 25'

Optec RJ-12 Reverse Cable - 25'

For use with PC Serial Port Converter (17495) or PC Parallel Port Converter (17496). Cable is RJ-12 to RJ-12 and is 25 feet long.

When Using the Pyxis Camera Rotator...

To attach the Pyxis to the COM (RS-232 serial) port of a computer requires a special cable. These cables are flat 6-wire stranded with RJ-12 modular connectors on both ends. They are typically refered to as reverse cables since each pin number on one connector is connected to the same number on the other end. To adapt the RJ-12 connect to fit the standard COM port on a computer (9-pin sub-D male), it is required that the PC Serial Port converter be purchased in addition to the cable. The reverse cable are available with standard lengths or a custom lengths up to 100 feet.

Note: Photo shows a 6 ft. RJ-12 Reverse Cable. Yours will be longer :>)

Optec Product Number: 17673


Connects FromComputer
Connects ToCamera
Warranty1 Year Warranty