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Optec Pyxis 3 Receiver for 3" Adapters

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Optec Pyxis 3 Receiver for 3" Adapters

Optec Pyxis 3" Receiver for 3" Adapters

The 17750 Pyxis 3 Receiver for 3" Adapters mounts on the camera side of the Pyxis Rotator assembly. The Optec Pyxis 3" Generation 2 Camera Field Rotator (sold separately) has a full 3 inches of clear aperture and is designed to hold large instrument packages without flexure or wobble.

This Optec 3" Receiver for the Pyxis 3 is made for the OPTEC-3000 series adapters. It has a full 3" of clear aperture, and it may be customized with adapters to mate with specific CCD cameras.