Optec Pyxis 2" Camera Field Rotator - Discontinued

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Optec Pyxis 2" Camera Field Rotator - Discontinued

Optec 2" Pyxis Camera Field Rotator

The 2" Pyxis camera rotator was specially designed with the guiding chip of the SBIG ST-x CCD cameras in mind. Simply locate a suitable guide star, enter the position angle and let the Pyxis rotate the camera so that a bright guide star is centered on the tracking chip. For those with alt-azimuth mounts, the Pyxis can derotate the field while tracking the object. A simple Windows interface program is provided that controls rotation and derotation modes as standard. The control software is free and updates are also free.

Utilizing a precision sealed 50mm bearing, the Pyxis provides the rigidity and stability you have come to expect from Optec. Weighing under 2 pounds, the Pyxis can support and rotate the SBIG ST-x line of cameras without slipping. If the holding torque of 27 inch-pounds is exceeded, the drive gear will slip but no damage to the Pyxis will occur. The running torque is 15 inch-pounds. This limit to the holding and running torque will also prevent damage to cables and instruments if a rotational stoppage does occur. The Pyxis is capable of handling the SBIG AO-7 adaptive optic with camera.

The Pyxis control program window is shown below and measures about 250 x 275 pixels. Since it takes little of the display, it can be active and moved to an unused area of the monitor. After the connection is established to the Pyxis through the serial COM port, the current PA (Position Angle) is shown in units of 1 degree from 0 to 359 degrees. Enter a new PA in the box and press the MOVE button to rotate to the desired PA.

With an alt-azimuth application, the user would first enter the telescope's latitude and longitude in the setup. Then the RA and DEC of the star that is being tracked would be entered in the text boxes. To initiate the derotation control, the user would press the START/STOP button. The direction and step rate is then controlled by the program and terminated when the START/STOP button is pressed again.

Intelligent firmware will choose the best direction for each move to keep camera cables from binding. The built-in circuit board provides all the control needed - no external hand control box is required. Windows control software is provided with the Pyxis and software integrators will appreciate the simple command language allowing them to easily select a new position angle or activate the derotation control for alt-azimuth tracking.

The Pyxis comes with 12 VDC power supply, 6 foot power cord, 2" telescope adapter, install tools to attach adapters and a CD with control setup program and manual in pdf format. Camera adapter must be ordered separately, click "Accessories" tab to choose the proper adapter for your set-up.

The Pyxis was designed for use with the Optec TCF-S Focuser and IFW Filter Wheel. Fully compatible with the Optec NextGen MAXfield and NextGen WideField telecompressors the Pyxis can be used at 1X, 0.5X, and 0.33X using any SBIG camera. However, the NextGen telecompressors used with the Pyxis are not compatible with the SBIG cameras having an attached CFW-8/10 filter wheel. In this case the back focus distance is exceeded.