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Optec NextGEN Mounting Plate - SBIG ST Camera with 0.20" Plate

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Optec NextGEN Mounting Plate - SBIG ST Camera with 0.20" Plate

Optec NextGEN Mounting Plate for Older SBIG ST-Series Cameras

The Optec NextGEN mounting plate fits on the back dovetail of the Optec NextGEN and are secured in place by three setscrews located in the mounting plate 120 degrees apart. It is important that the back focus distance be set as closely as possible for the Optec NextGEN reducers, which is why each mounting plate has a unique length for every model camera.

This particular Optec NextGEN Mounting Plate is made for the SBIG ST-7, ST-8, ST-9, ST-10 & ST-2000 with the original thinner 0.20" thick front plate with the D-block with T-thread attached. Tube Length: 1.43" Thread: T

If you are not sure which SBIG ST- front plate you have, you can download a PDF from SBIG that will show you how to measure your ST-camera, and it explains the differences between the two as well.

Optec Product Number: 17392-143


Adapter TypeCCD to Imaging Accessory Adapter
Warranty1 Year Warranty