Optec Model TCF-Lynx -NC - 2-Inch Temperature Compensating Focuser

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Optec Model TCF-Lynx -NC - 2-Inch Temperature Compensating Focuser

TCF-Lynx 2-inch Crayford style focuser without controller.

Configured for use with Focus Lynx Control Hub as second focuser.

Includes 20-inch temperature probe and 7-foot Category-5e cable for connection to Focus Lynx Hub.

Order telescope mount, Focus Lynx Controller Hub, and second Focus Lynx step driver board (#19533) separately. [OPTEC-2400 female dovetail // 2-Inch I.D. female receiver]


Mechanically, the TCF-S is a robust Crayford style motorized focuser with high repeatability, no play and nearly zero backlash of only 0.0013 inch. Optec's implementation is ideal for applications which require exact focus such as CCD imaging or film astrophotography. A geared stepper motor rotates the drive shaft with one step rotation of the motor equal to a 0.000086 inch movement of the drawtube. The unit adds 3.5 inches to the telescope's back-focus as measured from the front to the end of the drawtube when at the mid-focus position. The total travel of the drawtube is 0.6 inches or 7000 steps.

When paired with the controller (purchased separately) a pair of push-buttons control the direction of focus and the DRO (digital read-out) displays the current position. The TCF-S focuser can easily handle cameras and instrument packages weighing up to 10 pounds. The TCF-S can be used by itself or with a PC for automatic focus with some of the popular camera control software.


  • Heavy-duty Crayford style 2-Inch focuser 
    Compensates for focal shift due to temperature
  • Supports instruments up to 10 pounds
  •  (Recommended to addt the Easy to use control box for control)
  • Use with or without a PC


  • Weight Capacity:    10-pounds (4.5 kg) minimum
  • Overall Height:  3.3-inches (83.8 mm) fully IN to 3.9-inches (99 mm) fully OUT
  • Focuser Travel:  0.6-inch (15.2 mm)
  • Number of Steps:  7,000
  • Step Resolution:  2.2 microns
  • Weight:  2.5-pounds (1.1 kg)
  • Clear Aperture:  2-inches (52.8 mm)
  • Back-focus Usage:  3.3-inches (83.8 mm) to 3.9-inches (99 mm)



Back Focus Usage83.8 mm (3.3") to 99 mm (3.9")
Clear Aperture52.8 mm (2.0")
Focuser Travel15.2 mm (0.6")
Height Range83.8 mm (3.3") to 99 mm (3.9")
Number of Steps7000
Step Resolution2.2 microns
Weight Capacity10 lbs (4.5 kg) minimum
Weight2 lb 8 oz (1.1 kg)