Optec Alnitak Flat-Man L CCD Calibration Panel - 8" to 12.5" OD

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  • Optec Alnitak Flat-Man L CCD Calibration Panel - 8" to 12.5" OD

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    Optec Alnitak Flat-Man L CCD Calibration Panel - 8" to 12.5" OD

    The Calibration Panel -Optec Alnitak Flat-Man L is for 8-inch to 12.5-inch OTAs: The Flat-Man L is the big brother of the Flat-Man, for telescopes in the 8-inch to 12.5-inch range. The Flat-Man L uses the same electroluminescent technology, and can either be manually placed on the vertical OTA or hung perpendicular (using one of the #6-32 cover screw holes) to the OTA park position for flat field imaging. Windows XP software will light and control the brightness of the Flat-Man L. Comes with USB cable and power supply. The Flat-Man L is an affordable means to achieve excellent flat fields.


    Optec Alnitak Flat-Man L for 8-inch to 12.5-inch OTAs Specifications...

    • Weight: 3.5-pounds
    • Uniformity of illumination: <1-percent deviation from uniformity
    • Power requirements: 12VDC provided by included power supply with 5.5/2.1 ID coaxial plug, center +
    • USB 1.1 or 2.0
    • Operating systems: Windows XP or Vista
    • Minimum OTA/dewshield OD: None
    • Maximum OTA/dewshield OD: 14-inch


    OPT Product Number: OP-19058


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    Warranty1 Year Warranty

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    • Is the software compatible with Windows 7 64 bit?

      Yes, both the Optec/Alnitak software and the ASCOM driver will work on Windows 7 64 bit.

    • Will this work with Windows 7 and USB 3.0?

      Yes, Optec says that there is no issue using a USB 3.0 connection and Windows 7 with the Alinitak Flat Man panels.

    • I have a 14" Meade. Could this be used with it??

      Unfortunately, the flat panel diameter needs to be at least as large as the optical diameter, so this panel will not work for a 14" scope. We have a couple options for larger panels, so please contact us if you have questions.