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Optec Bahtinov Mask - Alnitak Astrosystems Flip Series

SKU : OP-19070

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Product Details

  • Remotely Controlled Bahtinov Mask

    Building on the success of the Alnitak Astrosystems Flip-Flat, Optec has designed the Flip-Mask, remotely controlled Bahtinov Mask.

    A number of customers have asked for a way to introduce a diffraction mask into the light path for remote observatories.  Their solution is the Flip-Mask.  With this new device and proven Alnitak software, automated scripting programs such as ACP, CCD Autopilot, and Maxim D/L can be configured to automatically position a custom size Bahtinov Mask for precision focusing, then remotely move it out of the path once focus is achieved and verified. 

    Optec masks are precision cut on our in-house laser engraving /cutting machine up to 12-inches in diameter.  Contact OPT Sales if you have a different preferred diffraction mask or wish to adapt a mask you already own.  Some weight limitations may apply.


    Bahtinov Masks will be made to match the customer's OTA- up to 12-inch diameter.



    • Bahtinov Mask Diameter:    Customer Request - up to 12-inches (30 cm)
    • Control Box Dimensions: 2.25 x 3.15 x 4.2-inches  (57 x 80 x 106 mm)
    • Weight:     Approximately 1.1-pounds. (0.5 kg)
    • Lamp Pivot Arm:    6.1-inches (155 mm) length
    • Range of Pivot Arm:  95-degrees,
    • Power requirements:  5V DC provided by USB interface,
    • Alnitak Software Compatibility:  Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.
    • Command Line Program:  AACmd.exe


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