OPT PAT for Celestron 6" Refractor on Advanced VX Equatorial Mount (O)

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OPT PAT for Celestron 6" Refractor on Advanced VX Equatorial Mount (O)

Our exclusive Performance Assurance Testing (PAT) program was created in 2002 due to overwhelming demand. Our customers regularly requested that we open their telescope and run it through it's paces, just to make sure everything was as it should be, but until we started the PAT program, it just wasn't feasible. Although the majority of telescopes manufactured by our most popular vendors are just fine right out of the box (as they should be), a growing number of amateur astronomers like to have extra assurance...and that is what a PAT provides our customers.

Our PAT technician (who ironically is named Pat), unlike many beginning telescope enthusiasts, knows how each telescope is supposed to perform. He starts by taking everything out of the box and checks that all accessories and manuals are there and in good working order. Next, the telescope itself gets a once-over. He checks the optics to make sure they fall within the manufacturer's specifications, and he tweaks the collimation should that be necessary. Pat then checks all mechanical and electrical parts for normal operation. If the telescope is computerized, he puts it through an alignment procedure and makes sure it points correctly. Should Pat find little problems along the way that are easily resolved, he takes care of them.

If the telescope passes inspection, it is carefully re-packaged and sent off to our shipping department, complete with a PAT Report, filled in and signed, and a Shockwatch label. A Shockwatch label turns red if the telescope is roughly handled. This not only alerts you (and your delivery person) of possible shipping damage, but encourages those delivery companies to be just a bit more careful.

If your telescope does not pass muster, and this does happen sometimes, then it goes back to the manufacturer and the PAT process starts all over again on a new telescope!

Under normal circumstances, ordering a PAT with your new telescope should not slow down it's delivery to you by more than a few days. On occasion, however, Pat may be busier than usual, or he may have to go through more than one telescope to find one that meets our PAT requirements for shipment. If that is the case, your telescope may not get to you as soon as you'd like. So, if you are in a really big hurry, you may want to email our Internet Sales Department and ask how long your PAT should take. Remember, should it take longer than usual because of a rejected telescope....better us than you!

You can read more about the PAT process by checking out the links located in the appropriate tab below. Also, please remember, you cannot buy a PAT unless you buy the appropriate telescope at the same time. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but it's better safe than sorry. Thanks!




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