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  • TPO Green Laser Pointer

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    TPO Green Laser Pointer

    The 4 to 5 mW Green Laser Pointer by TPO:

    The TOP Green Laser is new and improved, with a higher output and better quality level than our prior laser. Our astronomy green laser is guaranteed to be at least 4 mW, which is a guarantee you will not find on most comparable priced green lasers. The price and performance of the TPO green laser is among the best on the market. 

    This green laser pointer is a continuous output diode-pumped green laser. It can be used for pointing to an array of desired targets, such as stars (makes a great finder!) and images on projection screens or video monitors. Our green laser pointer travels as far as 10,000 feet in darkness! A 532 nm green laser is 30 times brighter and much more sensitive to the human eye than a 670 nm red laser with comparable power output. Therefore, our Green Laser Pointer will be much easier to see than a red laser.


    TPO Green Laser Pointer Specifications:

    • Output Power: Guaranteed 4-5 mW
    • Wavelength: 532 nm
    • Dimensions: 5.85-Inch x 0.54-inch
    • Weight: 0.21-pounds
    • Beam Divergence: 1.0 mrRad
    • Batteries Included
    • Range: 10,000 feet in darkness
    • Beam Diameter at Source: 1.1 mm
    • Output Variance: 10-percent after 20 minutes
    • Operating Lifetime: 3000 to 5000 hours
    • FDA Safety Class: IIIa


    OPT Product Number: OS-LASER


    WARNING!! Laser Pointers are not toys, even if they are fun to use! Do not look directly into the beam of any laser pointer and do not reflect it into a mirror and look directly at the image! Doing so may cause serious eye damage.


    Additional Information

    Accessory TypeLaser Pointer
    Warranty1 Year Warranty

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    • Which bracket would you recommend with this laser pointer, so that it can be used as a finder?

      For many scopes with Vixen/Orion style finder shoes, the Optics Future bracket is an excellent choice Additional adaptation may be needed for scopes that do not have this type of foot, thou

    • Can the beam be locked on - for a secondary purpose of woodturning.

      By itself, no, but you could use a small rubber band or clamp to hold the button down for awhile. These lasers are not designed for extended continuous use beyond a couple minutes and they will heat up the longer they are kept on. Damage to the laser may

    • Can the beam be locked on - for a secondary purpose of woodturning.

      1. Where is this made? 2. What is the temperature rating? I need it for cold weather.