TPO Green Laser Pointer

  • Easily points out objects in the sky for everyone to enjoy.
  • Complete with a soft rubber grip that fits comfortably in your hand.
  • AAA batteries required (not included).
  • WARNING!! Laser Pointers are not toys, even if they are fun to use! Do not look directly into the beam of any laser pointer and do not reflect it into a mirror and look directly at the image! Doing so may cause serious eye damage.


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TPO Green Laser Pointer

The 4 to 5 mW Green Laser Pointer by TPO:

The TPO Green Laser Pointer is new and improved! With a higher output and better quality level than our prior laser, easily point at celestial objects in the night sky. Guaranteed to be at least 4 mW, the price and performance of the TPO green laser are among the best on the market. 

Your green laser pointer is a continuous output diode-pumped green laser. It can be used for pointing to an array of desired targets, such as stars (makes a great finder!) and images on projection screens or video monitors. Its light travels as far as 10,000 feet in darkness! In comparison to a red laser, a 532 nm green laser is 30 times brighter and more sensitive to the human eye than what a 670 nm red laser with comparable power output would be.

TPO Green Laser Pointer Specifications:

  • Output power: Guaranteed 4-5 mW.
  • Wavelength: 532 nm.
  • Dimensions: 5.85-inch x 0.54-inch.
  • Weight: 0.21 lb.
  • Beam divergence: 1.0 mrad.
  • Range: 10,000 feet in darkness.
  • Beam diameter at source: 1.1 mm.
  • Output Variance: 10% after 20 minutes.
  • Operating lifetime: 3000 to 5000 hours.
  • FDA safety class: IIIa.
  • AAA batteries required (not included).

WARNING!! Laser Pointers are not toys, even if they are fun to use! Children should not use a laser pointer. Do not look directly into the beam of any laser pointer, and do not reflect it into a mirror and look directly at the image! Doing so may cause serious eye damage. Also, never point a laser at another human being or animal.

OPT Product Number: OS-LASER



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Warranty1 Year Warranty
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Bruce S.
New Zealand New Zealand
Unreliable and frustrating

I've had second thoughts since my earlier review of this laser pointer. I bought two of them, but now, both of them, have become very unreliable and disappointing. On rare occasions they work well, which dupes me into thinking the problem is minor and they will work ok, but then when I go to use them the next night they fail totally or have a very weak intermittent beam. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for their failure. I've tried new batteries, tested and sanded the electrical connections and used tinfoil wadding pushed down the battery tube, but all to no avail.

Bruce S.
New Zealand New Zealand
TPO green laser pointer

This 532 nm laser pointer appears to be identical to a laser I bought a few years ago of a different brand. Construction and performance is good, though it takes a minute or so to warm up and show a bright green beam. Also, it doesn't always turn on instantly when you press the on button and when it does the beam fluctuates in brightness a little, as though the power connection is fragile. Price wise they're a bit on the expensive side for what is really a fairy simple instrument.

United States
Excelente producto

Muy buena. Puntero láser muy preciso

United States
Unimpressed and Disappointed

The laser pointer is inconsistent, at best. The connection is loose, the batteries rattle around in the pointer, and the laser itself is very weak. Unimpressed and disappointed in the quality of the item.

Great laser

At first i ******* the end very tight and had some lack of brightness. But if you just unscrew it a little bit it works great. Very powerfull. Helps me a lot to aim towards my targets.

United States
Unreliable but fixable

A great laser at first but it cut in and out and would sometimes dim. Wadding up some tin foil and stuffing it at the far end below the batteries has helped a lot to make it bright constantly.