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Open Box Warren Keller IP4AP MaxIm DL and Astroart Preprocessing DVD Tutorial Video


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Product Details

  • Warren Keller's S/N = Soup to Nuts - Biases, and Darks, and Flats, Oh My!

    Let's face it, your time is valuable. You've made a large investment in imaging equipment and you want tutorials that get to the point. Every IP4AP Flash movie is carefully written to get you there in 5-minutes! They pride themselves on thorough research and professional production. As always, Warren's scripted content and high production values give you more information for your money- no wasted minutes as in 'off the cuff' presentations.

    Astrophotography - Soup to Nuts">

    The goal of this brand new series is threefold...

    1. To catch up to the workspace of Photoshop CS5 See the many advances over CS2 in which Photoshop Foundations (IP4AP Superdisk) was recorded

    2. To fully explain Data Reduction Theory, Understand the effect Biases, Darks, Flats, and Defect Maps have on your Light frames

    3. To fully cover Preprocessing Monochrome, One-Shot-Color, and DSLR workflow: calibration, color conversion, alignment, stacking, deconvolution, DDP and other stretches, filters, etc. are discussed. Learn the ins and outs of preparing quality Master file with...

      a. MSB-Astroart 5.0- Just released
      b. MaxIm DL 5

    Soup to Nuts (affectionately known as 'Soup') includes:
    • Introduction - What's New at IP4AP and series goals for S2N, Camtasia Flash player.
    • CS5 Part-1 a CS4-5 Primer, 32/64-bit installation and Plugins, Workspace presets, Panels.
    • CS5 Part-2 Adjustment Layers and the Adjustments Panel- major features covered: Auto-Hide, Clipping Layers, Masks Panel, 'Show Clipping', On-Screen Control.
    • CS5 Part-3 Smart Filters, Image tabs, Keyboard shortcut changes, File/Automate (Lens Correction and Merge to HDR Pro), Tool improvements.

    • Preprocessing Part 1 Calibration/Reduction theory and practical application- understanding Bias, Dark, Defect Map, Flat, and Light frames; available software .
    • Preprocessing Part 2 Calibration/Reduction theory and practical application- understanding Bias, Dark, Defect Map, Flat, and Light frames; available software .

    • Astroart-1 Intro to Astroart, and Tools/Preprocessing- Files/Options/Extra, Bad column repair.
    • Astroart-2 Preprocessing's Options tab- new 'Reject Bad Images', aligning and combining settings.
    • Astroart-3 CCD Color Synthesis (Debayering) settings, DSLR RAW.
    • Astroart-4 Debayering DSLR RAW in Adobe Photoshop CS5, One-Shot-Color Flats explained.
    • Astroart-5 One-Shot-Color Preprocessing, Defect Mapping.
    • Astroart-6 Monochromatic Preprocessing, Color Menu- Trichromy, LRGB Synthesis.
    • Astroart-7 Pseudo Luminance, Maximum Entropy and Richardson-Lucy Deconvolution.
    • Astroart-8 For the first time, Astroart 5's new 'Remove gradient' and 'Cosmetic' filters are detailed. Adaptive vignetting and gradient repair, satellite trail removal, star bloat and star elongation fixes.
    • Astroart-9 DDP (Digital Development Process), Log stretch, Curves, Levels, the Color Menu.
    • Astroart-10 Low-Pass and High-Pass filters, Unsharp Mask, the Arithmetic menu, Edit/Pixels, FITS orientation and other editing tools.

    • MaxIm DL-1 Intro to MaxIm, Process/Stack and the Calibration Wizard.
    • MaxIm DL-2 Remove Bad Pixels, Debayering CCD and DSLR RAW, One-Shot-Color Flats, Deblooming NABG data.
    • MaxIm DL-3 Stack's Select/Quality/Align tab settings.
    • MaxIm DL-4 Stack's Color/Combine tab settings, Lucy-Richardson Deconvolution.
    • MaxIm DL-5 UFI (Uneven Field Illumination) repair with Auto Remove, Auto Flatten Background, and Flatten Background, MaxIm's Preview window features.
    • MaxIm DL-6 DDP, Log stretch, Curves, Linear 16-bit Saves.
    • MaxIm DL-7 The Color Menu- Color Balance, Color Adjust, Realign Planes, Adjust Saturation, Pixel Range Restriction, Information Window, Color Smoothing.
    • MaxImDL-8 The Filter Menu- FFT, Kernel, and Wavelet filters- High and Low-Pass, Unsharp Mask, and Gaussian Blur; Part-1 wrap-up.
    Warren Keller Product Number: IP4AP-S/N

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