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Open Box Vixen Sphinx SXP Equatorial Mount w/ Star Book One-SOLD

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Open Box Vixen Sphinx SXP Equatorial Mount w/ Star Book One-SOLD

The Sphinx SXP Equatorial Mount is the latest cutting-edge innovation advanced by Vixen Optics through many years of exposure to the particulars of German Equatorial Mount design. This mount is now available with the Star Book One hand controller for smooth, precise tracking.

Motors: The Sphinx SXP Equatorial Mount includes stepper motors made to respond with effortless precision. Micro slow motion control guarantees smooth operation.

R.A. and DEC: Brass R.A. and DEC high precision machined 180-teeth full circle micro-movement wheel gears provide the finest tracking accuracy available. The shafts are constructed from durable carbon steel. Rotational components have 15 bearings. All of these features work together to allow for smooth tracking and slewing.

Unique Mount Design: Unique mount design that incorporates the mount's body as part of the counterweight system.

Periodic Error Correction: Data you enter is recorded for future observing adventures.

Polar Axis Scope: 6 x 20 polar axis scope with bubble level, illuminated reticle, and settings that are accurate to within 3 minutes is integrated into the Sphinx SXP Mount.
  • Time Graduation Circle: 10-minute increments
  • Date Graduation Circle: 2-day increments
  • Meridian Offset Circle: Adjustable between E20 degrees and W20 degrees in 5-degree increments
  • Northern Hemisphere: Polaris pattern with reticle (Relevant up to the year 2025)

Star Book One Functions:
  • Celestial, Solar, Lunar, and King's Rate Tracking
  • Slewing speeds variable from 0.1x to 999x sidereal
  • Backlash compensation
  • Periodic Error Correction
  • Autoguider port
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Direction keys
  • Red LED light