Open Box Vixen Focal Reducer - VC200L

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Open Box Vixen Focal Reducer - VC200L

Vixen Focal Reducer-VC200L

The Vixen Focal Reducer 2 VC0.71x is designed exclusively for imaging with Vixen VC200L Catadioptric telescopes. For prime focus astrophotography with a (D)SLR camera, both an optional 60mm wide photo adapter and an optional T-ring appropriate to your (D)SLR camera are required. This Focal Reducer takes the standard 1800mm (f/9) focal length down to 1278mm (f/6.4). Increasing the field of view and decreasing the exposure time dramatically increases your density or signal to noise ratio.

CAUTION: Never look directly at the sun with your naked eyes or through this item. Permanent and irreversible eye damage may result.