Open Box Used Astronomik 2" Deep-Sky RGB Filter Set

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  • These are open box filters in excellent condition
  • High grade optical glass
  • Provides a natural color reproduction
  • Filters are optimized for CCD astrophotography


Open Box Used Astronomik 2" Deep-Sky RGB Filter Set

Astronomik's new Deep-Sky RGB filters are the consequence of a long, meticulous research and development process. As a result, Astronomik has created the most advanced RGB filter set for Deep-Sky imaging currently available.

The transmission curves of these filters are made to present you with strong, brilliant colors with a distinct reinforcement of the most essential emission lines. Data derived from the new Astronomik Deep-Sky RGB filters is easier to process into a magnificent work of art.

While designing these new Deep-Sky RGB filters, Astronomik paid close attention to the sensitivity curves of the most popular modern CCD cameras. From this they found a method for making one set of filters for many types of sensors, from KAF and KAI sensors to Sony-made chips. This means you can perform 1:1:1 ratio RGB exposures with all sensors, with only nominal adjustments needing to be made during processing to obtain an image with flawless color!

Transmission curve features and coatings on these new Deep-Sky RGB filters have been produced so that no reflections or halos will be noticeable. You'll still be able to distinguish even the haziest areas of galaxies or nebulae even with bright stars in your field of view.

You'll need to purchase an L1, L2, or L3 Luminance filter as well. Which one is best for you depends on the scope you're using with these filters- more information can be found on the separate page for the L1, L2, and L3 Luminance filters.

Similar to all Astronomik filters, these new Deep-Sky RGB filters are constructed using a very sturdy, scratch-resistant coating, collected on the finest polished optical substrate, which is completely free from any striae or internal strains. And since all substrates are manufactured to precisely the same thickness, all Astronomik Deep-Sky RGB filters are parfocal.


ConditionLike New
Free ShippingYes
Warranty1 Year Warranty


  • Astronomik RGB 2" filter set
  • Original plastic box


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