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Open Box Saving Hubble a David Gaynes Movie


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  • About Saving Hubble

    Over the course of a decade, David Gaynes an indepedent filmmaker, obsessed over the Hubble Space Telescope and it's role in both astronomy science and it's impact on culture. Saving Hubble explores the Hubble Space Telescope and the seeming looming demise of the project upon the cancellation of a 2004 service mission. David examines the ensuing public protestation, social media coverage and events surrounding the cancellation of that mission and how the led to the HST's salvation.

    Saving Hubble chronicals this highly unpopular mission cancellation, how it affected everyday people and the impact that the Hubble Space Telescope has had on both our scientific and popular culture. And follows the mission to upgrade Hubble for the final time, giving it a new wide field camera, a new spectrograph and upgraded batteries ensureing this window to the cosmos stays open as long as possible.

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