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Open Box Meade EclipseView 10x50 Solar Binoculars

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  • Magnification: 10x
  • Aperture: 50 mm
  • Solar Safe [Do not remove attached Solar Filters]
  • Rugged and portable design
  • Tripod Mountable



Open Box Meade EclipseView 10x50 Solar Binoculars

The Eclipseview 10x50 Solar Binoculars from Meade are safe for solar viewing and ruggedly designed for the observer on the move, and at a great value too! They provide 10x Magnification with a 50 mm aperture level on each ocular, with a field of view of 100 m at 1000 m (5.8 degrees), and 12 mm of eye relief. This means that not only are they high quality in terms of the view they provide, they are comfortable when in use- a must for any kind of extended observation. They are also tripod mountable, and include a strap for easy carrying. 

Note: Do not remove the attached solar filters from these binoculars, as doing so will render them no longer Solar Safe. If you do remove the filters, reattach them securely and completely before turning these binoculars towards the sun. Safety is an important thing to keep in mind in solar observation, so please be careful when using any solar implement


ConditionOpen Box
Warranty90 Day Covered By OPT


  • Meade EclipseView 10x50 Solar Binoculars
  • Convenient Carrying Strap