Open Box Celestron NexStar Evolution 8" Edge HD with StarSense - UT-12074-SOLD-

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Open Box Celestron NexStar Evolution 8" Edge HD with StarSense - UT-12074-SOLD-


UT-12074: The NexStar Evolution from Celestron just keeps pushing the boundaries, ascending further and further beyond its past iterations. In this latest evolution, it has once more outdone itself! Pairing Celestron's finest quality optics with cutting-edge technology, the NexStar Evolution Edge HD is an incredibly versatile and portable telescope system. You can enjoy Edge HD quality optics in conjunction with the StarSense Auto-Align system on the renowned Evolution mount, and control it all from your tablet or phone!

The Innovative NexStar Evolution Edge HD lets you enjoy EdgeHD optics while controlling the telescope wirelessly through the SkyPortal app. (Free download available at app stores.) The system has been equipped with Starsense Auto-Alignment, allowing Go-To Alignment to be performed automatically once you tap "Connect and Align"! Observing, astro-imaging, and automatic wireless alignment are all bundled into a compact yet mechanically solid setup. This is the most capable, easy-to-use and ready-for-action system Celestron has ever offered!

The NexStar Evolution was an innovative design in its own right when it was initially introduced, combining both high-quality Schmidt-Cassegrain optical design and computerized Go-To systems in a compact single arm fork mount as it did. And of course, technology and optics have evolved and changed over the years, with the quality of what can be included increasing yearly. On the technology side, they added StarSense AutoAlign for their go-to telescopes, as well as WiFi telescope control with the new SkyPortal app. With optics, EdgeHD flat-field and coma-free astroimaging systems were made to accommodate modern imaging with cameras of all types, especially larger format CCD and DSLR cameras. These are the features that have combined to form this absolutely brilliant system, forming the stellar quality Evolution Edge HD with Starsense.

Celestron has melded the StarSense Auto-Align technology with the SkyPortal app, making SkyPortal the most advanced telescope control app offered. StarSense not only automatically aligns itself from your smart device, it also has advanced mount modeling, allowing you enter up to 10 alignment points for the most precision pointing accuracy possible. Even the most advanced telescope users will love using StarSense AutoAlign through the app. This affordable accessory replaces the expensive software usually used for advanced mount modeling. This built-in mount modeling helps you get superb pointing accuracy from horizon to horizon. When your alignment needs to be perfect, add up to 10 additional calibration stars to achieve a new level of accuracy, great for locating objects in the camera's field of view for astro-imaging.

If you're interested in astroimaging, the 8-inch NexStar Evolution HD is an excellent way to jump in.. It's the only fork-mounted telescope in its price range that offers brass worm gears, along with improved motors. Tracking is great, and so too is the flat-field, coma-free EdgeHD optical system.You can capture images of deep-sky objects like the Orion Nebula by simply attaching your DSLR camera.

But of course, the crisp and clear views provided by the Edge HD optics of this telescope are useful for purely visual users just as much as they are for astroimagers, the sharp and bright views just as splendid for those who wish to observe the night sky as they are for those who wish to capture it.

NexStar Evolution is equipped with 4 auxiliary ports-2 on top of the fork and 2 on the bottom. A StarSense hand control is still included but is not necessary when using NexStar Evolution with the app. The telescope also includes a StarPointer Pro finderscope, two 1.25-inch Plossl eyepieces, a 1.25-inch star diagonal, and an international AC adapter.



ConditionOpen Box
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Warranty2 Year Warranty


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  • This is an open box scope in like new condition
  • Auto aligns with Starsense accessory
  • HD optical ideal for photography


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