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Optec 3" NextGEN 2.11" SCT Thread Mounting Plate

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Optec 3" NextGEN 2.11" SCT Thread Mounting Plate

Optec NextGEN 3" SCT Mounting Plate - 2.11" Apogee U9, U10

The NextGen 3" CCD Camera Mounting Plates fit onto the male Optec-3100 dovetail (3.1" diameter) on the camera side of the NGC 316 NextGEN 3" telecompressor lens system. The tube length of each mount is cut to match the proper back-focus for a particular camera/filter wheel combination.

This SCT theaded mount plate has a tube length of 2.11", which is the proper mount when attaching the NGC 316 to a standard Apogee camera using the D02 housing, like the U9 or U10.

Optec Product Number: 17486-2.11


Adapter TypeImaging Accessory to Telescope Adapter
Warranty1 Year Warranty