Optec IFW 3" Intelligent Filter Wheel System

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Optec IFW 3" Intelligent Filter Wheel System

Optec 3-Inch Intelligent Filter Wheel System

To meet the needs of the ever increasing CCD size used in astro-imaging, Optec has designed a larger cousin to the IFW 2-inch. The new IFW 3-inch (full 3-inch clear aperture) supports a large variety of filter sizes with the ease of selection that is the hallmark of the IFW 2-inch. Three different types of optional interchangeable filter wheels are available: 58 mm square with 5 positions, 50 mm square with 6 positions and 50 mm round with 9 positions. The optional 58 mm square filters are a new standard available only from Optec. All filters are mounted using convenient Delrin plastic tabs and spacers.

When used with the 3-inch couplings to the telescope and instrument package, either 58 mm or 50 mm square filter wheels can be used. These adapters and couplings are the same as what is used with the TCF-S3 and the Pyxis 3-inch instruments. Removing and installing a different wheel is as easy as with the IFW 2-inch. A side door is opened and the wheel removed after releasing the center axis hub. After the HOME serial function or HOME button is pressed, the wheel ID is identified and the new stack of filter names are available to the control program or display on the control box. For the 50 mm and 58 mm square filters, three optional filter wheels with unique ID are possible. There are two optional wheels available for the 9-position 50 mm round filters.

The 50 mm round filter wheels are intended for 2-inch adapters and couplers for both the telescope and instrument package. These adapters are the same as what is used with the IFW 2-inch and TCF-S products. The 50 mm round filter wheel with 9 positions is not intended for use with the 3-inch adapters.

The IFW 3-Inch is a massive unit that measures 10-inches on a side and is 2.5-inches thick - including both the telescope and camera side adapters. At 7-pounds, a large telescope with capable telescope mount is required.

Optec Product Number: 17360


Warranty1 Year Warranty