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Optec 50mm H-Alpha Round Unmounted Filter

SKU : OP-17260

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Product Details

  • Optec 50mm H-alpha Filter

    Optec offers an exclusive set of parfocal wide band LRGB and narrow band H-Alpha and OIII intended for CCD astro-imaging. These filters are 2mm thick, 50mm diameter and are made to the highest standards for high transmission and minimum wavefront distortion. The unique construction with the hard dielectric layers placed on only one side of the filter substrate avoids multiple reflections between the two sides found in most filters of this type. Halos and ghost stellar images are avoided. Peak transmission is above 85%.

    Optec astrophotography filters are made exclusively for Optec and are not available elsewhere. The wide band LRGB set is similar in transmission to the competitors, but much less expensive. Our popular Optec LRGB + H-Alpha set is very competitively priced for all five filters.

    Optec narrow band filters are centered on the H-alpha (656.3nm) and OIII (500.7nm) emission lines and have a pass band of 8+/- 1.5nm. Peak transmission is above 85%. All filters in this group are parfocal.

    Optec Product Number: 17260

    Image depicts additional optional filters and optional filter wheel.

  • specifications

    Filter TypeH Alpha
    Warranty1 Year Warranty

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