OOUK CT 14 Ultra Newtonian OTA

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OOUK CT 14 Ultra Newtonian OTA

OOUK's CT14 Ultra Newtonian is an excellent quality 13.8" (350mm) Aperture telescope operating at a focal ratio of F/4.6, just right for Astrophotography. The CT14 has a focal length of 1600mm, and high quality optics. The optics of this telescope use high quality Suprax glass that has undergone exhaustive quality control testing. Every component of the scope is designed with computer assistance, then machined with human guidance, crafted by expert technicians piece by piece. The tube is 400mm in outer diamater, 1430mm in length, and weighs in at 29 Kg (64 lbs). Top quality HiLux optical coatings ensure that the telescope has the utmost optical clarity. The tubes body is composed of a space age carbon fiber sandwich akin to that used in some Spacecraft and Formula One Cars. This particular scope is exceptionally well suited to extremely high detail deep sky imaging.


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