OOUK AG12 300mm Newtonian Astrograph

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OOUK AG12 300mm Newtonian Astrograph

Many telescope craftsmen make use of space age materials- but they tend to use the lower quality castoffs of such, rather than the cream of the crop. Their goal is often the laudable aim of affordability and maximum cost efficiency- but in pursuit of that goal, slight compromises can be made at times. OOUK is aware of this- and has intentionally chosen to avoid these possible pitfalls. By using the same quality of material that is found in Formula One Racecars, aerospace technology of the highest grade, and Earth-orbiting Satellites, they have ensured the utmost possible quality of scope composition. This doesn't just bring about an incredible lifespan and durability for the scope- it ensures a virtual zero expansion rate and incredible tensile strength. This prevents issues like flexure entirely, and immensely serves to mitigate temperature shift issues that can at other times compromise a scopes integrity and ruin an otherwise perfectly prepared image. The strength and stability of the carbon fiber and resin used in this scope ensures a flat, rigid focal plane that does not shift or flex; preserving your view and image quality without interference from outside factors to the highest degree plausibly possible.

This telescope and those like it are precision computer designed, and then built by hand- crafted with care and devotion that is truly something to behold. Assembled by highly trained opticians who have been crafting telescopes for years, with the assistance of the finest available precision tools and machinery to facilitate the creation of the greatest quality possible scopes and optics. The incredibly splendid flat fields are achieved through the employment of a cutting edge lens correction system and excessive levels of quality control, with the scope being checked and fully examined over twenty seven separate times at various stages throughout it's construction, in depth scans for any defects or issues- any of which that are found then being corrected. The flat field of this particular scope exceeds a generous and copious 50mm, providing a broad and flat field of view. This is perfect for taking in the full possible majesty of space!

Another component of this great scope that combines with the rest to ensure the utmost in terms of possible quality is the optical coating known as HiLux. HiLux is a method developed OOUK to ensure that a much greater quantity of the available light passes fully through the scope, and is used on every surface of optical glass utilized within the OOUK AG12. The 'brightness' achievable with this kind of coating process is roughly 25% higher than that achieved by certain other coating processed used by many telescope manufacturers, another area in which OOUK has chosen quality over ease of manufacturing. This high standard has resulted in telescopes that surpass all industry standard expectations for their size and weight class, with optics quality that shines incredibly well.

Focusing with this scope will be a breeze, but the focuser is sold separately from the telescope itself. This Astrograph has been configured to match to a specific, specially designed Starlight Instruments Feathertouch Focuser that exists for use with this telescope. It comes with the correct Wynne Corrector adapter required to join the two together, but the focuser must be purchased separately. You will find it to be magnificently suited for use with this telescope, producing an exemplary focusing experience and remarkable smoothness- but it must be purchased separately. Please ask the Sales Technician assisting you for further details when you are considering this telescope as a purchase.

So go ahead. Treat yourself to a scope that breaks the theoretical limits of its size class, and pushes the boundaries for its design. A scope that uses optics that have been tested dozens of times in dozens of ways, coated with a material and process that have both been adjusted over and over again for maximum efficiency. A scope that will, in short, take your astronomy experience to the next level, especially for imaging. A scope with a huge aperture and a lightning fast speed. A scope that never compromises quality for price, custom made for your astronomy pleasure when you order it.

Manufacturer Product Number: AG12


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