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OOUK 250mm Optimized Dall Kirkham Telescope - with Dew Heater


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Product Details

  • The OOUK Optimized Dall Kirkham Telescope is a solid 250mm aperture offering of the utmost quality, operating at F/6.8 and providing amazing imaging potential. It utilizes a space age carbon fiber sandwich sort of design for the actual optical tube. Much like other OOUK offerings, the entire ODK series avoids any cutting of corners or use of sub-optimal materials, instead opting towards the absolute finest possible in carbon fiber composition. Drawing on the same resources used to create space probes and shuttles, this telescope can boast close to absolutely zero flexure, and almost no thermal expansion. This results in a highly stable platform for your imaging or visual pursuits. Indeed, this telescope experiences minimal interference in the face of the natural elements, and even more so, it boasts an extremely long lifespan due to this same high tech composition and design!

    But the ODK isn't just a heavy duty optical tube. Its also a collection of top quality optics, multi coated and given the ultimate in extensive testing to ensure the utmost possible in overall quality. The crowning segment of this superb optical system is a series of inbuilt corrector lenses. This system of correct lenses ensures that color correction, coma and spherical aberration are optimized to achieve almost a perfect photographic and visual field. This telescope makes full use of all of its components, with every stage of its construction- optical and otherwise- is scrutinized to the highest degree to ensure the most optimal possible quality by the time it reaches you, the consumer. In short, it is not only well designed- its guaranteed to be well built to match the specifications of that design to the greatest level possible.

    That said, this telescope is something of a hybrid between photographic and visual design- not only showing you the most stunning possible views of the night sky, ranging from planetary details to faint galaxies and nebulae, but giving you a great tool for helping you to capture those moments within the immortality of film. Combining this scope with a suitable CCD Camera won't be hard, either- it has a generous back focus that makes assembling a full setup around it a fun, enjoyable experience rather than a laborious task of picking and choosing how to fill a scant margin. The 50mm field of view is another splendid trait in favour of this reasonably sized scope, letting your eye wander over truly majestic vistas within the night sky with the greatest of ease once you have the telescope mounted and set up.

    Note: Focuser not included, must be purchased separately. Price is based on conversion rate between English Pound and US Dollar, and may be subject to semi-regular changes and shifts. As such, inquire about current price and the focuser with your Sales Technician if you would like to purchase this telescope.

  • specifications

    Aperture250mm (9.75")
    Focal Length1700 mm
    Focal Ratiof/5.7
    Optical DesignOptimized Dall Kirkham

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