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Optolong L-eNhance EOS-C Clip Filter


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  • Perfect for amateur and experienced astrophotographers alike--especially in light-polluted areas!
  • Blocking range: 300-1000nm
  • Blocking depth: >99%
  • Product Details

    • The relentless spread of urbanization and its associated light pollution have become a growing problem for all amateur astrophotographers. The current solutions to the problem can be expensive and might include the purchase of a monochrome camera, several types of narrowband filters, and a filter wheel.

      Optolong L-eNhance provides an economical and practical solution for amateurs. It is a dual-band pass filter that has been designed for DSLR (digital SLR), color CMOS and monochrome CCD cameras. The convenience and cost-effectiveness of this filter allow amateurs to image a rich selection of astronomical images, even in bright, heavily light-polluted areas. Optolong believes the design of our L-eNhance filter is a technical innovation among filters. It effectively isolates the H-Alpha, H-Beta, and Oxygen III nebula emission lines and achieves a maximum transmission of up to 90%. The performance of this filter delivers images that superbly control the impact from light polluted skies.


      Optolong L-eNhance EOS-C Specifications

      • Substrate: B270
      • Thickness: 1.85mm
      • T-peak: T>90%
      • Blocking range: 300-1000nm
      • Blocking depth: light pollution line blocking >99%
      • Surface quality: 60/40
      • Transmitted Wavefront RMS: λ/4
      • Parallelism: 30s
    • specifications

      BandpassMulti Bandpass
      Filter ShapeCanon APS C
      Filter Thickness1.85mm
      Filter TypeMultiband
      Free ShippingYes
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    • Perfect for amateur and experienced astrophotographers alike--especially in light-polluted areas!
    • Blocking range: 300-1000nm
    • Blocking depth: >99%

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    Dave M.
    United States United States

    Capture Nebulae in light polluted areas

    I ordered this filter to use with my astro modified Canon T6i with a Rokinon 135mm or 85mm lens. I had great success using the two inch L-eNhance on my 80mm and 127mm scopes so I had high hopes for this clip filter. This filter met my expectations. Using the filter in a heavily light polluted city even under a full moon I was able to capture great details when imaging emission nebula. I have been extremely pleased with the results and use this filter whenever capturing nebulae with just a camera and lens.

    United States United States

    Does it work, **** Yes!

    I haven’t had a chance to use it because I live in Florida and the weather sucks during the summer. Back in February I borrow one and it worked great. I wanted to image Eta Carinae nebula and at transit was only 5 degrees above the horizon. There was a haze over the Gulf 5 deg down to the water so we couldn’t even see stars. But I started imaging anyway and to my surprise there were stars and there was Eta Carinae big, bright and red. That’s why I bought one.