Officina Stellare RiDK 700 f/7 Dall Kirkham Telescope



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Officina Stellare RiDK 700 f/7 Dall Kirkham Telescope


Officina Stellare is one of today's leaders in the production of high quality astronomy equipment for the discerning professional or advanced amateur. Their products can be found in observatories around the world, and their high speed tracking lens systems are a relied upon component in the industries of aerospace and defense.

The RiDK 700 (Riccardi Dall-Kirkham) represents the new reference point for all modified Dall-Kirkham instruments available on the market today. Massimo Riccardi, Chief Optical Designer at Officina Stellare, has the unique experience and creativity required to imagine and build a 27.5-inch astrograph of superior performance and resulting image quality. The RiDK 700 is a system that delivers an 60 mm fully corrected, flat field and an imaging performance that is diffraction limited across the entire field over a wide spectral range (380 nm to 2000 nm). These outstanding optics are mounted inside a state-of-the art Officina Stellare open truss tube made of carbon fiber and aluminum; the same high quality optical tube assembly used in all Officina Stellare open truss-style telescopes the world over.

The Officina Stellare RiDK 700 is manufactured from start to finish in Italy. The optics are made in the Occhiobello Plant under the strict quality control of Massimo Riccardi, Officina's own optical designer. The mechanics of the telescope were designed by Giovanni Dal Lago, and are engineered, manufactured and assembled at the Thiene plant.

The Officina Stellare RiDK 700 is the ultimate astro-imaging telescope for anyone who desires the best equipment when it comes to the imaging of deep sky wonders. It is a beautiful, compact for its aperture, and perfectly manufactured optical instrument, and the long back focus allows the mounting of rotators, cameras, filter wheels, and other imaging accessories.

The RiDK 700 mm comes with a 7" dovetail and a Losmandy D-series dovetail is included on top for accessories. Three ventilation fans are part of the design, which helps the telescope reach ambient temperature as quickly as possible.


Officina Stellare 700 mm f/7 RiDK Highlights: 

  • Aperture: 700 mm (27.5-inch)
  • Glass: Low expansion borosilicate
  • Focal Ratio: f/7
  • Focal Length: 4900 mm
  • OTA Construction: Carbon fiber trusses combined with precision machined aluminum primary and secondary holders.
  • Diffraction limited across field in 380 to 2000 nm spectral range, near UV to near IR


This RiDK Package Includes: 


  • 27.5-inch Riccardi Dall-Kirkham Astrograph in Truss Design
  • Two Dovetails
  • Three Ventilation Fans
  • 72 mm FineFocus Manual Focuser
  • Manual Control on Both Mirrors
  • Manual Movement of Secondary Mirror
  • Black Fabric Shroud
  • Caps/Covers


Aperture700 mm (27.5")
Back Focus240mm
Corrected Image Circle60mm
Dawes Limit0.17 arcseconds
Focal Length4900 mm
Focal Ratiof/7
Highest Magnification1400x
Light Gathering Power10000x
Limiting Magnitude18
Optical DesignDall Kirkham
RMS Spot Size5 microns
Tube Weight308.6 lbs