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Officina Stellare Pro RC Imaging Package - Includes 3-inch Flattener, 3-inch Rotofocus, MMOAG & Adapters


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Product Details

  • Officina Stellare Imaging Package for Pro RC Telescopes

    The experts at Officina Stellare have put together a special astrophotography package for their fine line of Ritchey-Chretien telescopes that includes some of the best equipment in the industry. The 3" field flattener will give you edge to edge sharpness across the entire field, the 3" digital Rotofocuser will take care of precision focusing and rotation requirements, and the Astrodon MonsterMOAG will handle the guiding. The adapters you need to couple these components together are also included in the Officina Imaging Package. Just add the Officina Stellare telescope, CCD camera and filter wheel of your choice and you are good to go!

    About the Officina Stellare 3-Inch Digital Rotofocuser

    The Officina Stellare Rotofocuser offers the finest control of both focusing and field rotation motion. The RotoFocuser was created by coupling a 3-Inch low profile, high precision focuser with a rotator. The heavy duty focuser employs a helical rack-and-pinion type mechanism and offers 25mm of travel (standard version). The rotator and focuser have a slim profile and can easily fit into any optical configuration.

    An electronic board performs drive control of two stepping motors, one is dedicated to field rotation, and the other to focuser travel. The board is powered by a 12Vdc power supply and absorbs less than 0.5 Amps with both stepping motors moving. This low power consumption allows the RotoFocuser to be powered by a shared power supply, no need to dedicate a separate battery to the focusing of your telescope!

    Both motors allow high precision motion: the focuser's single step travel is less than 0.1 micron, while the rotator's single step rotation is less than 1 arc-second. This micro-step driving capability avoids all mechanical vibrations and grants noiseless motions.

    The control board of the Officina RotoFocuser features an LCD display and six keys that control the focuser and rotator stepping-motor drivers. The easy-to-use menu is very intuitive. Choose the micron height of the focuser and the deg/min/sec position for the rotator, or do a jog-motion of both the focuser and the rotator by pressing two different keys. Other parameters of the LCD display are similarly easy to adjust, such as brightness, contrast, homing, and more.

    The interface is a hosting BUS which permits long wired connections (more than 50 meters), which is recommended for professional or amateur observatory installations. With the included ASCOM driver, RotoFocuser control can be achieved by compatible software such as MaximDL or FocusMax.

    Officina RotoFocuser Specifications...

      • Clear aperture: 75 mm (3-inch)


      • Total BFL profile: 74 mm


      • Linear travel of focuser: 25 mm (about 1-inch)


      • Absolute resolution of focuser (single step): 0.1 micron


      • Absolute resolution of rotator (single step): less than 1 arc second


      • Payload at 15 cm (6-inch): 5 kg/10 lb


      • Max payload: 12 kg/25 lb)


    • Power Supply: 12 Vdc (9 to 15), 0.5 A

    About the Astrodon MonsterMOAG Thin Off-Axis Guider

    The MonsterMOAG is a true innovation from Astrodon in off-axis guiding (OAG) equipment. Here are some highlights of the MMOAG:


    • Smallest backfocus 1.25-inch
    • Solid body for no flexure
    • Large central opening of 2.55-inch
    • Use with large CCD cameras (KAF16803, KAF9000)
    • Helical focuser for easy focus
    • Interchangeable short 1.25-inch nose piece holder included if helical focuser is too tall to come to focus
    • Spacers to place pick-off optic further into the light beam
    • Dovetail connectors - rotate and lock - to align guide camera with imaging camera and telescope
    • M/F AP 2.7-inch-24TPI dovetail connectors provided
    • 3-inch male connector optional for direct connection to new, large filter wheels.
    • All parts CNC machined with low reflectivity inner surfaces
    Off-axis guiding (OAG) has several advantages:
    • Uses the same light beam for guiding as seen by the imaging detector
    • Avoids potential differential flexure in using a separate guide scope
    • Guides your system with unfiltered light in FRONT of your filters
    • Use a variety of guide cameras with different detectors, resolutions and sizes
    As a result your guiding becomes easier:
    • Find more guide stars
    • Do not worry about different guide exposure times among different filters
    • Allow you to follow any mirror wobble in SCTs compared to a separate guide scope
    • Eliminates a separate guide scope and its mounting/flexure issues

    Officina Stellare 3-Inch High Performance Field Flattener

    The IMPACK imaging package from Officina Stellare include a high performance ED Doublet 3-Inch Field Flattener for your Pro RC telescope.


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