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Officina Stellare 72mm FineFocus Manual Focuser


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Product Details

  • The Officina Stellare 72 mm Finefocus is an ultra low profile manual focuser manufactured in Italy. The draw tube, which is etched with a graduated millimeter scale, offers about 16 mm of travel. The graduated scale is very helpful when your goal is consistent and repeatable focus. The draw tube has a native clear aperture of 72 mm, and presents a M72x1 thread in case you’d like to attach an adapter.

    The black focus knob or wheel is large and easy to turn. The face of the wheel is divided into sixteen portions, and each portion represents 50 microns of movement. Behind the focus wheel is a smaller gold knurled lock knob. Turning this knob until it sits against the back plate locks the focus. To unlock, unscrew the knob about 1 mm.

    The Officina Stellare 72 mm FineFocuser comes with a 72 mm to 50.8 mm (2.83' to 2') adapter.

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