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Officina Stellare Deluxe Laser Collimation Kit


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Product Details

  • Officina Stellare Deluxe Collimation Kit for Reflecting Telescopes

    A telescope that is collimated correctly will produce the best images, and that is the name of the game, whether you are an amateur astronomer or a professional, or use your telescope visually or photographically. The Officina Stellare Deluxe Collimation Kit offers users of their reflecting telescopes a simple yet precise way to keep optics collimated.

    The Officina Stellare Deluxe Collimation Kit includes:

    • A custom, high powered 532 nm green holographic laser
    • A precision-machined auto-centering laser adapter
    • A Takahashi Collimating Telescope (TCE0100) & adapter
    • A hard case with instructions

    The collimation procedure is simple, fast and accurate. Simply put the assembled collimation kit in the back of the telescope and, using the sliding part of the Takahashi Collimation Scope, align the dot in the Tak scope with the dot present on the secondary mirror. Then, simply unscrew the light baffle of the primary mirror and, sliding the scope tube, focus on the 4 blades holding the secondary mirror. At this point you will see the blades and their reflections on the primary mirror. Using the collimation bolts on the back of the telescope, make adjustments until the four blades superimpose themselves perfectly on their reflection on the primary mirror. Once this is done, you are finished collimating! The whole operation takes about ten minutes.

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