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Officina Stellare 3" Off Axis Guider with 1.25" Focuser


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Product Details

  • The Officina Stellare 3" Off-Axis Guider is thin and solid for rock solid performance with today’s larger CCD cameras. This manual off-axis guider allows you to guide from your primary telescope with the same unfiltered light detected by your camera’s sensor. Because you are guiding in front of your filter wheel, you will be able to see more stars.

    The Officina Stellare 3" Off-Axis Guider comes with a Borg 7315 1.25" helical focuser installed at the guiding port. This non-rotating lightweight focuser has 50 micron index marks on the outside of the barrel, and offers 10mm of travel. It comes with the Borg 7317 1.25" eyepiece holder.

    See the off-axis guider mechanical drawing from Officina Stellare, located in the Documents section, or contact a member of the OPT Telescope Department for more information.

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